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Huge Sound and very revealing.

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Pros: Looks, pretty comfy, not too heavy, sound very good for the price

Cons: Cable goes right into my chest. Heavier cable than I'm used to.

My pair was a supposed demo model from one of Hifiman's retailers. They came in mint condition, which is lucky for me. I'm not using a balanced cable yet, but I already feel it's a good upgrade from my AKG K701. The sound seems huge! So far they love some Donald Fagen the best. I've only listened to them for about 30 minutes now and they have made the hair stand on the back of my neck twice. 

Day 2: After about 6 hours on them, and realizing that my itunes was EQ'd and affecting the sound, I like them more than I did at first. I'm not a expert, but i can hear very well and have listened to music about all my 38 years. I hear many details in music that are lacking on my K701, especially echos which seem to fade more quickly on the k701. These are truly a great headphone for a great deal.


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