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Underwhelming and uncomfortable, the CL is a study in style over substance. Might appeal to fans of bass-free music.

A Review On: Harmon Kardon Classic On-Ear Headphones

Harmon Kardon Classic On-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Detailed reproduction of the frequencies it does cover. Compact when stored. Attractive. Made of metal.

Cons: Incapable of reproducing bass. Uncomfortable if worn for more than fifteen minutes. Unwelcome iPhone controls.

In my recent quest for a new set of cans, I took a slight detour into the land of flashy prosumer headphones, in the form of the HK CL. The only reason I tried a pair was the price: half off, which equals $99. 


My first impression, upon opening the package, was of a quality product. The CL has a look and feel that makes it seem like the perfect match for an iPhone, iPod or iPad. They are such a good match, they may as well be Apple brand, instead of HK. Before I had a chance to listen, two things had to happen: I had to replace the headband—the package includes two sizes—and I had to let the headphones break-in, because it couldn't possibly be that they so totally lacked any authority in the bass department. Not a pair or sealed, over-the-ear headphones that retail for $200—or could it?


After about forty hours, I had a sneaking suspicion that the understated nature of the CL's bass was... understated. I would even forgive them if a more powerful amp brought back some bass, and that they were not as good a match for the iPad as advertised. No such luck—even relatively benign material like Lindsay Stirling so totally lacked bass that it was as if I was listening to a violin solo. Deadmaus? Forget it. Imaging was good, the sound was relatively uncolored... and the bass response was a slight wisp—just a "hint-o-bass," to whet the appetite of the neophyte.

In this world of bass-heavy headphones, there surely is room for cans that focus of the higher registers, and aim for clarity over boom. The HK CL does that, to a point. But it is inexcusable that they cannot even compete with a pair of B&O Form 2s in the bass department, and overall the design sacrifices too much comfort in order to achieve an aesthetic effect. In the end, they were not worth keeping, even at half-price.


Here's where I stand on bass quantities:


AKG K701 - A bit light

Creative Aurvana Live! - Just right

Sennheiser HD380 - A tiny bit heavy

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If your pair faulty? I love the CL for their mid and high but not the bass. However, it is not because it is bass light, its bass is not tight at all. I also own Amperior, Q701, UE900 and other headphones and earphones.
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