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A Review On: Harman Kardon SoundSticks II 2.1 Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System

Harman Kardon SoundSticks II 2.1 Plug and Play Multimedia Speaker System

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Pros: Look good, Sound good, They don't take up to much room on my desk.

Cons: Speaker positioning, no power off switch

I'm also on my second set of these speakers, I sold the first with my last computer and later regretted it. I use them with my iMac and they are perfect for that job, I mainly use them when I want a break from headphones. The only really issue I have is that speaker position needs to be very accurate to get the most from them, it seems that unless you are sat directly in front of them you loose a lot of detail from whatever you are listening to. But for the price they are excellent and I haven't found anything else in the same price bracket that is as well built and sounds as good.

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I have owned these for about 3 years and love them. No other speaker setup looks like them and they are highly capable. My only complaint is that there is too much separation between bass and upper mids. Instead of a four-speaker array, they would benefit from replacing maybe two of them with one larger midrange to provide a more seamless sounds. Otherwise, I am happy with the detail, clarity and bass extension considering this is a desktop setup. These puppies go loud and still retain distortion-free clarity.