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A Review On: Harman Kardon BT

Harman Kardon BT

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Pros: aptx, comfort, price, design

Cons: shallow padding, horrible standard bluetooth performance, thin cups

aesthetics first.

people **** all over the cup shape but i think it's great, especially since it seems to displace a lot of bulk and make them pretty flush with your head. they only stick out like half an inch, it's pretty future. the headband is cool too, it's solid metal with a thin yet soft strip of classy leather underneath. normally that'd be uncomfortable but the cans themselves take on just enough weight to make it fine for a few hours. pressure distribution on these things was pretty well thought-out for the most part but you kinda need to keep them stretched out over something for a few nights to get rid of the initial clamping force. the only consistent discomfort i experience is my ears touching the drivers because of the just-too-thin padding. otherwise they feel great. i love how they fold flat too, it looks cool and puts up with more than headphones that fold inward.


now for the sound.

wired and with aptx, they're great. bass-heavy with slightly recessed mids but otherwise really clear. kinda like a combo of beats and bose but way better.

with normal bluetooth, they suck. it's like listening to a ham radio in stereo, so basically like every other bluetooth set. don't bother using these with an iphone unless you wanna use them for calls or something.

isolation is pretty meh. the outer plastic on the cups is solid but thin, so a lot gets through, especially direct contact.


these are pretty damn good headphones. i got mine for $105 through shophq a while back but you can find them [refurbished] for $99 right now through harmon kardon's ebay page. good buy, especially if you use stuff aptx stuff.

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I don't even use the BT mode, too quiet, lacks quality...lost the USB cable. They are worth buying over the classics though, as they are a different design, not just missing the BT feature. They are indeed a good headphone. I did drop mine though, and a tab that helps hold a ear cup on snapped, so the hold isn't secure. I also get a buzz on certain frequencies in the left ear, but on higher volumes, so not too big of a deal. Bass really comes out on the E12 with bass boost. Not a bloated bass, although it can be on some songs that have a lot of bass already.
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