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Harman Kardon BT Reviews


Excellent sound and original design


Pros: Powerful sound with enough balance, comfort, design, actually cheap

Cons: not very lively, somehow bulky, proprietary charging cable

When I have found these Harman Kardon for a ridiculously cheap price, I had already decided that I would have kept the Fidelio M2BT, the best of all those I have tested (obviously). But given the price I said to myself that I could try them and eventually keep them as second pair at home if they where good enough. Well, they very good, but I will not keep them because they do not add anything to what the Fidelio has to offer. I would say they reach the 75% of what the M2BT can give. But, hey, that is VERY GOOD!!! The Fidelio are just wonderful! 75% of wonderful is very good :) Plus, they are more comfortable and have a better BT Range than the Fidelio (which is a reason why I was tempted...
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Simply Amazing


Pros: Sound!!, Build quality, features/performance for price, Bluetooth, looks, comfort, isolation

Cons: Bit too much clamping, microphonics when using as standard headphones

I just took back the ClarityOne W102's and got these. I decided to go Bluetooth to avoid cable damage (ClarityOne's gave me a bad vibe about the cable). I was not aware that the cable comes off of the Classics as well, until now, but no cable is great. Of course Bluetooth sounds worse than cabled...and cabled sounds worse than cabled with an amp, but plenty good for on the go. I was looking at various bluetooth capable headphones, including the Beats, not sure what model, as I didn't look much into them. I wasn't overly impressed with the sound of any of the Beats. This time I had my amp and I listened to them all. Beats was just bass, and bass that muddled into the mids. And the mids...
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best over-ear bluetooth headphones available


Pros: aptx, comfort, price, design

Cons: shallow padding, horrible standard bluetooth performance, thin cups

aesthetics first. people **** all over the cup shape but i think it's great, especially since it seems to displace a lot of bulk and make them pretty flush with your head. they only stick out like half an inch, it's pretty future. the headband is cool too, it's solid metal with a thin yet soft strip of classy leather underneath. normally that'd be uncomfortable but the cans themselves take on just enough weight to make it fine for a few hours. pressure distribution on these things was pretty well thought-out for the most part but you kinda need to keep them stretched out over something for a few nights to get rid of the initial clamping force. the only consistent ...
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Quick take after one day use. So far good value. Brought for use w/Infinity tablet.


Pros: Choice of 2 headbands. Good sound for cost. Work's BT or corded without battery. or c

Cons: For portable use does not fold compact.

Great value at under 200. Have not had time to burn in. Inclusion of 2 headbands great fit w/different headband system. Works on BT with built-in rechargeable battery or corded if battery not charged. Again good value at normal price of 250. Not greatest audiophile quality sound. Like the square ear pads design and the overall "industrial" styling. BT getting improved with AptX. My Note II has AptX BT transmission.

Harman Kardon BT Review


Pros: AMAZING Bang for the Buck

Cons: Ugly

    Sound: So, these are pretty damn good. Id say these are a serious bang for the buck. HK did a slam dunk on this one. I am seriously impressed as Ive ALWAYS found headphones to be more money than they seem to be worth and sound. These are the FIRST that I feel Ive gotten a good deal on. Ive always been impressed with HK's stuff (Logic 7 systems, GREAT receivers, computer speakers, DAC's) but theyve never really have been great to home theater/monitor speakers. I guess they leave that up to the higher end JBL when it comes to that (some of their stuff can cost $20k incase you didnt know... not your Best Buy grade speakers). So I...
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