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Grado Statement Series GS1000i Headphones

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #509 in Headphones


Pros: most comfortable Grado ever, unbelievablly beautiful bass, fantastic instrument separation, huge soundstage, clarity, details lovers rejoice

Cons: disgusting treble, disgusting treble, disgusting treble


Unlike the comfy pads, which people complain about itching, or ears getting hot and unlike the bowl pads, which cause pain on many people ears. The superbowl pads (or bagel pads) are supremely comfortable for one simple reason, they don't touch your ears at all, ok I lied...maybe they don't touch 98% of your ears  (unless you have really big ears). So no itching, no sweating, no pain.


Sooooo good, just right, no thump thump thump like my Audio Technica A700, I would venture to call the bass as crisp. It's deep, full, and very detailed. Please try a few tracks from Armin Van Buuren to find out how crispy the bass is.


thin & hollow sounding compared to a normal Grado (my normal Grado was an MS2). I guess this is the cost of creating a large soundstage. But I still find it acceptable and a welcome alternative for times when you get sick of the normal Grado midrange.

TREBLE: sizzling, screeching, piercing, every sssss, every cccchhhhhh, every ssshhhhh is multiplied ten fold. If you think normal Grado is harsh and bright, wait till you try the Statement hehe. Grado haters now have one more reason to hate Grado headphones  frown.gif




This is my third GS1000 and this time I will keep it for a longer time.


I wanted a bigger soundstage when I had a SR325i so I sold the SR325i to fund the purchase of a headfi GS1000i and I like the soundstage much more.


The GS1000i does not need a powerful amp and the Meier Audio Swing succeeds to drive it without using the high-gain switch at medium volume level (but the Squeezebox volume is almost at full).

Grado Statement Series GS1000i Headphones

What does the i stand for in the GS1000i from Grado? Improved, that's what! The GS1000i uses upgraded dynamic transducers and the 8-conductor cable design. All this, wood, driver and cable designs result in improved control and stability of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum with both better supporting the GS1000i's renowned midrange.The Grado GS1000i's cushion design actually creates a "room" for the ears to sit, creating a larger soundstage and greater spatial experience for the listener. It was important to design the correct balance between the driver and Grado's wooden driver housing to give you the resulting sound that you desired. This has been accomplished. By creating this "room" for the ears to sit, positioning of the cushions with regards to the ears (i.e., forward or back) is somewhat critical in finding the absolute sweet spot.The GS1000i retains a sound that is pure Grado, rich full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep and the music is very tight and non-fatiguing. All with a soundstage that is huge allowing for unbelievable separation and layering of the music which is simply stunning.Listen and enjoy!

FeatureNormal impedance: 32ohms
Height3 inches
Length14 inches
Width11 inches
List Price$0.00
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameMICROPHONE
TitleGrado Statement Series GS1000i Headphones
Special FeaturesThe GS1000 was shown for the very first time at the International Head-Fi Convention in New York City. The response was just phenomenal. The Grado Statement GS1000 has been on the drawing board for sometime, and we have to admit that this is our finest effort to date. This new headphone incorporates a redesigned driver, a new and larger wooden housing and much larger foam cushions that are extremely comfortable. Grado's new cushion design actually creates a "room" for the ears to sit, creating a
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