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Meh. Over-rated.

A Review On: Grado SR80i Headphones

Grado SR80i Headphones

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Pros: Great sound quality for the on-ear sort of headphones

Cons: not good for public use

Interesting headphones. 


As I first opened the box I was thinking that there may have been a mistake because they looked like they had come from a 99cent store. The plastic material on them is somewhat similar to what you see on cheap toys - believe me, I'm not being dramatic.  The build on them is really good tho; they are light-weight and not flimsy at all. I did not like the ear pads at all. One reason is simply because the foam makes them look cheaper then they already seem. Another reason is that the foam pads look thick from a side view but that's just designed to hide the plastic casing. So your ears don't really sink into the padding as you might imagine. I had never heard of the term sound leakage before joining this website - These headphones do that, dramatically lol. But i guess that's the way their design works, with the open back design. After about an hour of listening to music on these headphones i felt like i could just ignore the asthetics and keep them. Yep, they sounded that good! I was like, woa, these have pretty clear sounds. The bass on them are punchy, and by that i mean, the bass doesn't resonate in your hear, it just punches and it goes away. I guess they're good for the bass that Pop music has. Anyways, enough about the sound quality. So, I got bored of being bored and headed out on my board to skate. I swear i was pissed at that moment. I could hear everything! My wheels, the change in my pocket, the cars passing me by, the pedestrians taking steps, the wind blowing, sirens....etc. I was like, no way, really!? I don't know about everyone else but i'm out of the house a lot, and I bought these headphones because most reviews hail on how reasonably priced they are in comparison to how great they sound, plus with my interest in purchasing something that would help me get away from all the noise society makes, i thought these would be a great buy. Little did i know that these would only serve to make me go mentally insane! - not kidding about this. I tried to not mind all the disturbances (which took a lot of concentration), but it was like trying to listen to the tv in a cafeteria. I raised the volume as much as i could: Pandora's audio quality is crappy so i played 320kbps audio files, which helped because their volume was higher, but not high enough because all the sound was escaping and all the external sound was coming in. 


I'm returning them. Thanks but no thanks. 


On the other hand, these are a fun pair of headphones, and if you can spare $100 and use them only when convenient then they could be a great addition to your other cans.


end of story. 


You shouldn't review a headphone for what it isn't instead of what it is based on an uninformed buying decision. These headphones are really good for the $$, remember knowledge is power.
To the OP: next time Google "open headphones" before paying $100 for headphones that you plan to wear out on the street.
Definitely a good example of the wrong headphone for the user here. Your iPod/iPhone/Phone won't drive these very loud either. Put a decent SS amp between these and the source and you might feel a little differently about them.
You're blaming the headphones because you made a poor buying decision and purchased the wrong thing (open instead of closed)? You can't be serious.
This are open backed headphones....Get some closed back if you want to use it for street use.
Hah, as I read this review I thought, hey it's just like driving a Ferrari on a desert and going "WTH Ferrari?"
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