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Grado SR-80i "the ice picks"

A Review On: Grado SR80i Headphones

Grado SR80i Headphones

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Pros: good detail, cheap

Cons: all the detail is in the hf range, feels like ice picks in your ears every time the hf kicks in, kinda really cheap build quality

So as most people that know grado know they favor mostly the high freq range and some people like that but as a person that likes warm sounding music these are some of the worst headphones ive heard, they have some nice detailing and such but the fatigue is just too much, most people will agree that most grados are very fatiguing after a little while of listening, even grado lovers. so if you like the "grado house" sound sure these will do nicely as a throw away headphone for those that have higher end phones but dont want to use them on the go ect and dont want the low low igrados then these are great or if your just getting into audio and like high freq these will also work for you, now for every one else like sennheiser fans or anyone that likes warm sounding, these phones have a serious bite at the top and trust me that isnt good. 


I think this review that you wrote is all a matter of your personal opinion, also why would you involve sennheiser fans, in your opinion of a grado headphone? If they like the signature of sennheiser, then why would you speak about a grado headphone to sennheiser fans? They are totally two different headphones, also the highs are not like ice picks to everyones ears, its all a matter of what one like's. And they are absoulutly not a pair of (throw aways) you dont take 100$ and throw it away on anything!
I agree with joseph69
Also, just put some 3M Scotch Tape (red packaging, crystal clear one) around your bowls... or even better around your TTVJ flats, and boom, balance shift, you have warm, not at all fatiguing Grado SR80i.
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