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Good value after 6 months

A Review On: Grado SR60i Headphones

Grado SR60i Headphones

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Smiling Jack
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Pros: Retro looks, Lightweight, open sound signature, Made in the USA

Cons: Somewhat fragile, impractical for public usage, uncomfortable after long periods

Simply put, these headphones are one the best values in the audio world. They've praised time after time, and I now know why. These are my 2nd pair of quality grade headphones (after the V6), and can safely say I won't be putting these away anytime soon. The low impedance allows usage on both the home rig and portable devices.


I'm not an expert on sound signature with the highs, lows and mids, but perhaps the most contrasting feature in comparison to the V6 is the bass/low end response. Maybe it's the open-back design, but the low end isn't as powerful as the V6. It does, however, excel in Treble response.


I might be just jumping on the Grado bandwagon, but believe me when I say that for under $100, the value the SR60's give are truly unbeatable.


Very good review R.I.P. sony v6
If they're uncomfortable you can bend the head band to your liking, they are all day phones in my book, once I got the band bent to my liking.
The bass isn't for bass heads, but great if you want to hear the whole sound spectrum without anything overwhelmed by the bass. Too me, the bass is perfect and when I crank it up it actually thumps. Not on the level of Dre's but then I still don't lose any midrange.
I've had mine for ten months now and eventually the band gets conformed to your head shape. They just kind of hang out up there now without much drama. Don't try wearing them with glasses though :/
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