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A Review On: Grado SR60i Headphones

Grado SR60i Headphones

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Pros: Great sound, comfort,

Cons: Leakage, small soundstage

To start off, this was my first set of audiophile headphones and let me tell you I was blown away. I've had them for about two years now and I havn't had many complants. As I've already stated, these are the headphones that got me into listening to music the right way. To give you a backround check I'll give you a list of headphones that I've auditioned; Koss Dj pro 100, Beats by Dre studio and solo, Bose QC15, Sennheiser hd598, and multiple Skullcandy's ( sadly). So one with the review.




Comfort ; The comfort of these headphones was good. The I pads(comfies)where suprisingly comfortable for being supra oral, but sometimes I found my ears being itchy after about 2 hours of listening, but overall I found them comfortable.


Isolation; This is one of these headphones weaker points. However these are open headphones, so I didnt really expect great Isolation and you shouldn't but these for that. So that means these aren't very portable either because of one other big reason.


Leakage; I wouldnt normal post this one a review, but holy crap. These headphones are like portable stereos when you are listening to music at a semi loud listening level. It's almost comical and this is the main reason these arn't portable.


Soundstage; The sound stage on this is like you are sitting on the stage and the band is playing around, not great but ok. I have to add that all the instuments are placed exactly where I want them and the imaging of the headphones is simply fantastic.

The Sound

The lows; If I had to describe these in one word, that word would be tight. They dont seem to extend super deep but they pack a punch. Many people would say that these are "bass-light", but I have to dissagree with them.I wouldnt recommend these for rap, dubstep, or electronica, but the have enough bass for what I listen to( rock). I meen of course you can definetly more bass than what these have to offer but the quality of the bass is good.


Mids; This is where these headphones really shine and the reason I bought them. No other brand can replicate the sound of a guitar like Grados, and I stand by my statement. Not only do they do guitars well but vocals, saxaphones, you name it all sound great on these cans. These headphones have better mids than some of my 300 dollar headphones.


Highs; The highs on the headphones are prestine. They are very rarly harsh and fatiging. Cymbols, sirens flutes, all sound great on these headphones.

Genre Recommendation; I would recommend these to anyone whos loves rock music, blues, and jazz. These are very aggresive sounding witch is why the are great for rock. I woundn't recommend these for hip hop or rap or anything that requires bass because I think you may be unsatisfide


The Jist; Overall I think these are great headphones for 80 dollars and for that price point I think are the king. For fast music under 100 it doesn't get much better than this.



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