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Grado SR60i Headphones Reviews


Not for everybody


Pros: clear and bright

Cons: Piercing, harsh, fatiguing, soundstage like IEMs

This review is an unbiased opinion.   This post is coming from a consumer foremost as I can't really call myself an audiophile yet. With that said, there are definitely some things wrong with these headphones. First of all, they are really harsh which makes them uncomfortable for listening. I use headphones to relax, not to be keyed up which also means I can't imagine wearing them to sleep. I have to resort to EQing which isn't recommended.   They also leak sound although not really a con for open ear cans. But for casual listeners who don't have many headphones, these are impractical, secondary headphones. You can't wear em' in your living room cause of the...
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My first set of hi-quality headphones; or, from "meh" to "wow!"


Pros: Awesome sound, vintage look, don't require an amp, ability to upgrade

Cons: Uncomfortable until worn in, leak lots of sound

When my 3rd set of Bose noise-canceling ear buds broke, I decided to look into a different type of headphone. The first site I stumbled upon was CNET, and for a couple of hours I poured over their headphone reviews. I eventually decided on the Grado SR60i because of their low price and the high regard that everyone held for them. I drove to the nearest audio store knowing which pair I was going to purchase, however I also tried a couple other Grado models that were on display (mostly the 80 and 225). In all honesty, aside from the sound difference over-ear headphones provide, I couldn't really tell a difference from the ear buds I had been using for years and years. Despite my initial...
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Pros: Bass, Clarity, Impact, Value

Cons: Mids are a bit scooped

I bought these as an alternative to my UE-11 pro's.  Truth be told, my expectations weren't very high.  After owning two sets of custom iem's and two universal iem's, I wasn't expecting to be floored to say the least.  The first day I used them, they were overly bright.  I was planning on returning them, but decided to keep them for a week and decide then.  Over the course of a few days the treble lost its shrillness, and the bass came into its own.  I was worried that they would become muddy over time, but they have settled very nicely.  I am very content with my purchase, and would recomend these to anyone who wants a great set of headphones without...
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SR60i for rock? Hmm.


Pros: Light, supra-aural, retro design, thick cable.

Cons: Y link is a little flimsy, not as comfortable as some other headphones I've tried, namely Sennheisers.

I got these from a local shop for SGD120, about USD99.   Rewritten the whole review.     First impressions: These headphones are meh. A little overrated, doesn't carry bass very well. Current impressions: Great headphones for dynamic rock with lots of guitar, drums and forward vocals.   I have modded my Grado SR60i a little. I had the plastic grill and button removed, a painstaking task, but well worth the time and effort. I have quarter-modded the comfies that the stock SR60 comes with and I have also removed the white cloth that covers the driver protectors.   Also poked 2 holes on each cup to increase the bass.   Some pics to...
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phenomenal cans


Pros: price, bass, clarity, durability, design

Cons: sound leak

Let me start off by saying I've been a competitive PC gamer for a quite a while now. I never really cared about sound quality. I've had plenty of overpriced headsets labeled as "gaming headsets" from companies such as Razer, Steeleries, Logitech, etc. Never actually listened to a good pair of headphones.   with some research I found the Grado SR60i's. I went to J&R and bought them. I was so confident that they would sound good that I didn't even try them out before I bought them. listened to a variety of music on the subway ride home and I was blown away by the quality. I was not aware that music could sound so good.  I couldn't be happier. i'll be content with these...
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Should be the first premium headphones you buy!


Pros: Comfortable for long listening sessions, completely involving, warm and smooth, extraordinarily dynamic and rugged. Very inexpensive!

Cons: Lacks the resolution and the extension of more expensive headphones.

I've repeatedly bought these headphones, despite also owning Stax Lambda electrostatics and more expensive Sennheiser and AKG phones. And, in an even more interesting accolade, when I've bought Stax, Sennheiser and AKG headphones it was when I was a partner in Western Audio of Palo Alto, a dealer in all of those brands, so I paid wholesale or accomodation, not retail. I've never been a Grado dealer, so I've purchased the Grado SR60's at retail every time. This particular pair came from the Metropolitan Opera Shop in NYC, purchased after I left my older pair on a plane. I don't know the secrets to Grado's art, but I can attest to several things with a lifetime of listening skills. These...
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Really good entry level headphones


Pros: Comfort, sound, value

Cons: Non-detachable cable, plastic build, cable is a bit too long for portable use

The SR60i headphones are the entry level headphones in the 'SR' line-up. They retail for a recommended retail price of $79. So, without any more delays, let's discuss these headphones in further detail.   In terms of accessories, these are pretty scarce. You get the headphones, and a snap-on quarter inch adapter. That's it.   Build/Design - Now, if a regular person looked at these headphones, they would probably say that they are ugly and bulky. Well, in a way, they would be right and also wrong. The headphones are made out of plastic and the headband is made of fake leather (my assumption). Design-wise, these headphones have a retro, old school look to them. A lot of people...
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Mindblowing for the price.


Pros: Aggresive, very good mids and highs, tight bass, clarity, instrument separation.

Cons: Can be very bright sounding for some people.

One of the best sounding headphones I have ever owned.

Destined to be a classic.


Pros: Bass balance. Detailed, punchy sound. Solid design and performer. Cool vintage look. Made in the USA.

Cons: Requires a good HP amp to drive properly. Recessed midrange. Ear pads a little uncomfortable. Longevity of ear pads.

Audiophile classic.
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