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Quick Response, Excellent Clarity, Excellent Sound-Stage

A Review On: Grado SR225i Headphones

Grado SR225i Headphones

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Pros: Thick Cable, Pads (These don't hurt my ears, so I must be special), Sound-Stage, Response, Clarity

Cons: The cable has a mind of it's own, and has attempted to kill me once or twice.

Very, very, quick response (not as quick as say, the RS2i). Excellent clarity (I've yet to hear these sound remotely muddy). The sound stage is excellent, speakers could still outdo it, but it's truly unfair to compare headphones and speakers. The bass is more than satisfactory (for me -- note that I am using a relatively flat DAC).



- Acoustic Alchemy - Mr. Chow : Superb. Superb. Superb. Crisp guitar, clean percussion.

- DSO - Guerrilla Laments : Fast. I could name each instrument and transcribe the lyrics.

- Brubeck - Take Five : From the subtle bass to the horns, and everything in between, this track was superb.

- David Bowie - Five Years : Drums and Vocals were more than satisfactory.

- Bela Fleck - Blu-Bop : Not only is the guitar crisp, the release of each string delivers a crisp, short, punch. Almost every Fleck is like this.

- Bela Fleck - Sex in A Pan : You can here the movement along the frets.

- AfroCelt Sound System - Eireann : Despite being in irish gaelic, the lyrics can be transcribed without confusion.

- Norman Greenback - Spirit In The Sky : Feel the distortion! (almost as distorted as the Jesus & Mary Chain) 


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