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Sweet-spot of the Grado Fam

A Review On: Grado SR225i Headphones

Grado SR225i Headphones

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Pros: Mids, Price, Retro style, Separation

Cons: L-Cushes, Stock cable

It's just like the title says: these are the price:performance sweet-spot of the Grado line. 


I've owned/auditioned the SR60i, MS1, MS2i, and now the 225i and these are the ones I'm keeping.


The slightly warm sound does most things well:

Bass is textured, however, some may find it thin. I find it a touch warm of analytical - in other words - fun.

Mids are addictive. Very forward (Grado - duh), but not so much that the other freq ranges are belittled. Female vocals and guitar solos sound great.

Treble is certainly better than the 325/MS2 treble of terror - detailed yet forgiving. Electronic music and classical recordings alike show details wonderfully, however, have yet to become sibilant. 


My FLAC recordings of artists ranging from Bill Frisell to Biz Markie, John Mayer to Joey Badass, George Szell to George Thorogood, all sound great. The soundstage certainly isn't huge, however, the great instrument separation and sense of left/right makes up for it.


I'll be recabling at some point, as the huge cable is the only real downside to the 225s. The L cushes aren't great but I prefer them to the flats and G cushes. Perhaps I'll give em a bath to soften em up! 


Btw, I highly recommend the tape mod on the L cushes for a little extra bass for those who may be worried about not getting their fix. It is by no means a basshead mod, but certainly adds a little extra bump in the proverbial trunk.

1 Comment:

they are pretty dang good aren't they ?? and you are spot on with the tape mod!
i suspect i'll have them again, while i feel the ms2 is more grado than the ps500,
the 225i , to me, is the best "grado" pound for pound !
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