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No where near MSRP in value, money best spent elsewhere.

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Grado SR225i Headphones

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Pros: None that I can find

Cons: Comfort, Look, Sound, Short Cable, Flimsy, 1/4 Jack with no adapter included

Found a pair of these at a friends place, at first from the looks of the packaging and the heaphones I thought they were some crumby dollar store brand. Plugged them into my mobile setup (behringer u222 dac and Fiio E11, i had a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter handy)  that i usually use with my ATH-M50s, and was even more convinced they were some kind of cheap dollar store brand. I decided to look them up anyway and found out they have an MSRP of ~$200. Honestly, I was shocked, sound aside these things look like dollar store headphones and are about as comfortable (which is to say rapidly become painful). Every sound that comes out of them sounds muddled, there is no crispness or definition. These headphones made my ears feel dirty just for listening to them. I cant adequitely express my general displeasure with these headphoens in every aspect, even when I was expecting dollar store quality. I wouldn't pay 10$ for these, much less the completely rediculous price of $200. If you're looking for a pair of headphones and are willing to spend that much, look somewhere else, ANYWHERE else. I cant believe I'm saying this but you would be better off spending your money on a pair of -shudders- .... beats. 



- look like dollar store heaphones

- uncomfortable to the point of painful

- sound awful




Stay away from these at all costs.


Maybe you should get your hearing checked; immediately!!!
You found them at a friend's place? I would feel dirty knowing you were even near my headphones, let alone touching them.
I second the getting the hearing checked. I own the ATH-M50s and I most of the time would prefer to use these unless I need the sound isolation.

Short cable? This review is a complete joke. A bad one at that.
I listened to about 20 models of Sennheiser's, PSB's, B&W's and others , too many to mention. I was going to buy the Beyerdynamic BT 1350's($350.00 Cdn. dolars)...until I listened to the Grado Sr 100i's at around $125.00 (Cdn.) The sound was better than anything I listened to. I eventually bought the Grado 225i's at @260.00 (Cdn). I get that they fall short in the fancy build department. They clearly put all of the money into achieving the best sound possible. I don't understand how you knock the sound of these headphones. For me, these Grado's with the open design come as close as you can to feeling like you are listening to your stereo without cans on. I have recommended them to friends who also have fallen in love with the sound.
I forgot to mention:
1. The headphones (Grado Sr 225i) are around $200.00 in the U.S.. They actually retail for $300.00 in Canada. The salesman told me that they cost $100.00 more in Canada as Grado sells them via a distributor. So, not selling them directly from Grado to my audio shop adds one more cog who needs to get a cut on each pair. That's my main gripe with Grado. To top it off, you can circumvent this setup and order them from the U.S....but the problem with that is that Grado will not honor the warranty if you buy them from the U.S.. Everything to do with audio is more expensive in Canada. It doesn't make sense, as the Canadian and the U.S. dollar are valued equally right now. Furthermore, a 50% markup from $200.00 to $300.00 is not even close to being reasonable. The guy at my audio shop gave me a bit of a deal. He also forgot to add on the $20.00 for the adapter I purchased. When I told him they were not on the bill, he said "they are on the house then". So, I can listen to my I pod with the headphones with the adapter. If you happen to live in Canada, I would suggest buying them from a U.S. distributor online and saving the money. Two of my friends went to a different audio shop in Calgary, and the best deal they could get was $280.00 + tax - and that did not include the $20.00 adapter you need to listen to your I pod. Next time I would order them from the U.S., because they are built well. Nothing is going to happen to them in the 1 year warrantee period 99% of the time.
I recently purchased a pair of Grado 225i headphones with some reservation.  I once owned the $1000 pair briefly but sold them immediately due to poor comfort.  I barely made it through one CD with these and took them back and exchanged for a pair of $300 Beyerdynmic headphones.  The comfort was great, but the sound was terrible.  I listen to the same CD as before, and every aspect was awful compared to the Grado's.  I went back and got the Grado's today.  I purchased a Grado headphone extension cord so the shorter cord is not a problem.  I see no problems with the build quality.  I've been at this for many years and am not new to listening.  I am using the headphone jack on my Anthem integrated amplifier which is connected to an OPPO 95 Universal Player using the highest quality Acoustic Zen balanced cables.  Perhaps the Beyerdynamic headphones would have sounded better via a separate headphone amp, but I was not in the market for one.  Judging from the user name of the negative reviewer, I might suspect who ever it is never heard the headphones in the first place and just enjoys being negative.  Probably thinks vinyl sucks as well.  Could be a poor-hating Republican and Obama hater.  They should probably stick to watching 'Honey Bo Bo," a program that no doubt is at the top cusp of their intelligence level.
This *review* should be removed as it is clearly just trolling and the one and only thing this user has contributed to head-fi (i feel bad even referring to it as a 'contribution' as it clearly contributes nothing) other than deliberate misinformation.
@alwaysbroke Actually, the show is called "Here Comes Honey BoBoo.
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