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No Bass, good highs, lots of mid

A Review On: Grado SR225i Headphones

Grado SR225i Headphones

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Pros: Highs, mids (if your a mid's person)

Cons: Bass, high mids

I purchased these headphones for my birthday of this year to replace my Logitech G930 headset. I've never had an "audiophile" or very high quality pair of headphones, but have heard very great things about them. I am a person who makes sure my music is in FLAC or other lossless (Or from original CD to lossless) so this isn't your average person who listens to MP3's on their Ipod.


To start when I got the headphones, the design was terrible. Looked tiny like it would break and actually DID break on the second day of usage. The left connector to the cup broke off, I do not have a big head and I never mistreated them, but it's most likely manufacture defect. The next thing I noticed was the comfort, they use foam pads that are itchy to my ears, and their not very sensitive. It can really get on your nerves and you have to take them off for a while after a couple hours of music listening because of their ear irritating fatigue. 


But the most important aspect of this is the sound. When first used, there was no bass. NONE, not a single bit of bass could be felt from these headphones, my G930's surpass these Grado's 10x over in bass production, which I find quite sad. Although I do have to praise the reproduction of high frequencies. From listening to a couple high-string heavy songs from Red and a couple of solo/chorus high singings it seem's VERY nice to listen to. It will make you be able to feel some of the highs, if you know what I mean.


Lastly, the mid's we're turned up way too high on these. I don't have an equalizer running from my motherboard audio source (Realtek audio stuff) and neither in any applications, so this is pure headphones.  The mid drowns out any sort of highs and makes it sound quite muddy, not defined. And no matter how I equalized, it would sound bad.


The combination of the no bass, oversized mids and headphones breaking pretty much sealed the deal for me to return them to amazon along with my FiiO E9 (And 6.3 to 3.5MM jack) that I bought along side the headphones. (Not even the FiiO E9's Bass boost would make the bass any better!)


So right now i'm stuck with my G930 headset, that I have no major gripe about since I got the software to work and have the headphones equalized to my liking, and they are closed headphones, so I don't have to worry about waking anybody up anytime soon (And are wireless!). Grado's are not my audio reproduction style, although they might be for you. 


So my journey for my perfect headphones moves on!


E9 with a Grado? What is your musical preference ? Did you plug the E9 into your computer's Headphone out ? Why did you choose a Grado if you wanted bass ?
To say that these headphones have "..no bass. NONE,..." is simply not true.
These cans have quite a lot of rich accurate bass, but you won't do any headphones justice through an integrated motherboard sound card.
In my experience gaming headsets are no good for music as they have WAY too much bloated bass designed for gaming with explosions, gunfire and loud car engines noises etc.
Perhaps your taste in headphones would be sated by the likes of Dr Dre Beats or a DJ style AKG.
Another review of someone that doesn't know how to wear the bowl pads...
you're going to have a long and troublesome Journey. lol.
Hahahaha, this review gave me a good chuckle. It also could not have been more inaccurate.
What is this? I don't even...
First I was like "lol". Then I was like "wut". And at the end I was just "wtf".
Quite the read.
Whoa! So much flames for this review
I said it was quite the read :). It really was. All joking aside:
1. DAC
2. more technical/articulate amp
3. If you want well-articulated, quantifiable, but not overwhelming bass, then get Grado's. If you want gobs of bass, get a more popular mainstream headphone (the Beats seem suited for this), or if you're really a basshead go to your local Best Buy and give XB500/XB700 from Sony a listen.
4. In case you're wondering, the mids drop back a bit with time and adequate burn in. They're not nearly as forward after about 50 hours.
5. If the pads really bother you, there are many many ways to fix that. Pad modding is easy (I've posted a tutorial in the SR 60 Mod Part II thread) and then there's headband adjustment as well.
6. Build quality on most Grado's is exceptional. Even if it does deteriorate, it is easily sent to Grado for repairs, and the fees for repair outside of warranty are ridiculously cheap ($40).
If anything, this review is a matter of personal taste, which all reviews should have a bit of, but in all honesty, I don't think it's fair to make statements as encompassing as "no bass". In any case, it bothers me to see the headphone knocked down so low by one very personally-flavored review. Hopefully your search goes well, but if something is simply not to your personal taste, then at least give it a neutral review...I would do the same if I were forced to review my gf's XB700s xD...
Didn't mean to seriously flame you. If you'd like any advice feel free to PM me. I wont assert I'm an expert, but I'd be willing to help a budding audiophile out.
All the best,
speaketh bad about the grado: receive verbal beat down.
actually mine broke on the second day as well. It was a driver issue. The right side no longer produces sound. Grado wtf are you trying to pull?
I've owned the Grado SR-125 and the Alessandro MS1i. I like them quite a bit, but there really is no bass. The reality is that Grados generally are lacking a lot of sub-bass and mid-bass reproduction.
I picked up a pair of ATH-A700's for ~$80 bucks, and it wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration to say that it has ~10 times the amount of bass than my Grados. The Audio-Technica's extend deeper in the bass department as well.
I guess I shouldn't say there's "no" bass, but it's definitely not a very substantial amount compared to most other headphones I've used. The bass is enough to provide a proper backing and balance to the music, and it's decently controlled and punchy. It just doesn't resonate or extend very deep.
I'm using comfy (s-cush) pads with a 38 mm hole cut in the middle. I also recently bought these thicker, generic, aftermarket foam pads from a Chinese seller on eBay (again with a 38 mm hole cut in the middle), and they actually seem to increase the bass response a lot. Probably because the thicker foam provides a better fit and seal on my ear; surprisingly, I think my favorite Grado pads might be these generic eBay pads (pm me if you want to know the seller).
While I think saying that the 225i sounds "muddy" is objectively incorrect (It's the cleanest headphone I've owned) I really don't understand why you guys are saying that he's wrong on the basis of comfort or bass response. Compare the 225i to a comfortable circumaural headphone, it really is lacking and the foam bowls do indeed irritate many people's ears. And in terms of bass, the Grado is severely lacking in the sub bass, and even the mid/upper bass lacks authority the way many people like it (myself included). I really am a bit astounded that anyone can describe the grado as being accurate in the bass, it just isn't.
Muddy, a Grado?, you must be joking.
This is, obviously, a troll review. This is the reason why Head-Fi sucks and sucks more, every day.
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