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Grado SR225i

A Review On: Grado SR225i Headphones

Grado SR225i Headphones

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Pros: Clarity, Detail

Cons: Comfort

This is my first purchase of a higher end set of cans.  I consider over $100 to be high end.  The most expensive earphones I've purchased before was the $80 in ear phones from apple w/microphone.  I didn't think they sounded that bad until I purchased the Grado's.  I read a bunch of reviews and did some research before I decided on the Grado's.  I went to a local audio store and decided to have a listen.  I tested out the SR60's through the SR325's.  Though they all sounded great, I could tell the difference between all of them.  Without going into details, I can tell you that the sound stage gets a little better with each step up.  My plan was going into the store to buy the SR60's because I wanted to stay under $100.  As I listened to each set over and over again, I kept going back to the SR225's because of the fullness and amazing details I was hearing.  I really enjoyed the SR325's because there was little more bass, but I couldn't justify the $300 price tag.  I've been listening to the SR225's for a couple of weeks now and can't believe what I've been missing until now.  These cans are truly amazing and I would gladly pay $200 or more for good set of cans.  Now, I'm looking into something more on the bass end, like the DT770's or something from Ultrasone.  


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