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Great headphones but best to change the foam covers

A Review On: Grado SR225i Headphones

Grado SR225i Headphones

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Pros: Sound quality, balanced natural bass ( not overblown ), engaging mid-range

Cons: Original foam cushion is uncomfortable

This is for original SR225, not SR225i

I have owned both the improved and original versions.

In my view the SR225 is better sounding than the so called Improved version, despite marketing claim about increased airflow by 50%, I smell marketing BS

The reason these headphones have a good reputation is due to the original design. I sold my 225i on, as I could not hear any audio improvement and they are not built as well, seems to be a common thing these day, ie: maximum profit margin.

If you want to see what I mean about marketing BS, then it's here on these pages, statements about improved sound-stage in the i version is just nonsense.

Firstly, you cannot create a soundstage with headphones, stereo was originally invented to replace mono, the main advantage being that 2 speakers positioned in front of a listener, with instruments recorded with different levels in both channels could create an image that allowed the listener to position instruments as if listening to a live performance.

This is impossible to achieve with headphones, as the left channel source is attached to the left ear and right channel to the right ear, the sound can only alternate to left and right ear.


The sound on the original SR225 is engaging, not sure what one or two of the other negative reviewers were using for their equipment, but you have to have a good headphone amp for these to work best.The headphone output stage can make or break the listening experience. You can make a 3K pair of Stax headphones sound awful with a crappy headphone line stage.


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