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Grado SR225i Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Best of the Prestige Series


Pros: Exciting and Intimate Sound, Great Deal, Easy to Drive

Cons: Comfort

My favorite in the Prestige series, the Grado SR225i is a superb sub$200 headphone. The SR225i is much more controlled than the SR125i and a bit smoother than the SR325i. Retaining the excellent Grado midrange and intensity, the SR225i also adds a bit more space to its presentation than the lower models. Comfort wise, the SR225i can be quite stiff and tight on the head when first worn, but they loosen over time. The build is sturdy without being overwhelming. The SR225i sounds great unamped, but when paired with just a simple hybrid tube amp, they really blossom in the bass department without muddying up the sound.   Overall, the SR225i is a great introduction to the Grado sound and an...
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The Grado SR225i


Pros: A mix of Warm/Bright sound characteristics with an addicted midrange and nice bass impact.

Cons: Comfort can be an issue, may not have enough bass for some. Colored sound can be an issue for some.

If you want an introduction to the Grado sound look no further to the SR225i.  The special Grado sound is liked by many but also hated by many as well.  The best way for me to explain the Grado sound that it has characteristics of Warm sound with a nice touch of Brightness.  It is bright but not to the point of hurting your ears.  Because of this you will not find any of the Grado headphones to be netural sounding at all (colored sound).  I like my stuff colored (I like tubes as well, eh) so this is not an issue, but I will say it because that's the fact about any Grado.   The design for the most part is good but it is mostly plastic (some of the lettering is coming off) and it does take...
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Much better than expected


Pros: Mid-range detail, very engaging front-to-center soundstage, excellent low-to moderate volume cans

Cons: Comfort if not worn correctly, bass could extend fuller

      I bought these over a year ago, and then for some strange reason bought a pair of Hifiman HE-5LE's about two weeks later.  I of course went nuts over the 5LE's, and set these aside for many months. Fast-forward to now, and I barely take the 5LE's out of their case, as these have become my favorite all around can, with the 5LE's being reserved for high-rez and well-mastered material.        I understand that Grado are a polarizing headphone, and I believe I understand why.  Most headphones that I am familiar with require a lot of power, and fairly high volume to sound their best.  In my experience, that method...
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Negative Reviews


Some strong suits, but a myriad of shortcomings and compromises makes them impossible for me to recommend...


Pros: Quality bass, Tonally rich and aggressive mids, Extensive treble, Cool retro looks, Amazing modding community

Cons: Bass and Treble quantities, Soundstage, Comfort, Fit, Unforgiving, Grado service / policy, Unluxurious, Awful versatility, Overpriced, Design issues

Say what you want about Grado headphones, they certainly have a die-hard cult following. So, being a Head-Fier, it's relatively impossible to not know about them. When I asked for advice on the forums for upgrade suggestions to my HD448 with "Metal performance" being one of the key things I was after, it was inevitably that the Grado sound would be recommended to me. They seem to be a polarising line up of headphones, with the 225i often referred to as the sweet spot. They fit my budget at the time perfectly and apparently had the sound I was after, so I jumped on them (at a PC store no less, which I was quite surprised to hear were getting them in).    My first impressions of...
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No where near MSRP in value, money best spent elsewhere.


Pros: None that I can find

Cons: Comfort, Look, Sound, Short Cable, Flimsy, 1/4 Jack with no adapter included

Found a pair of these at a friends place, at first from the looks of the packaging and the heaphones I thought they were some crumby dollar store brand. Plugged them into my mobile setup (behringer u222 dac and Fiio E11, i had a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter handy)  that i usually use with my ATH-M50s, and was even more convinced they were some kind of cheap dollar store brand. I decided to look them up anyway and found out they have an MSRP of ~$200. Honestly, I was shocked, sound aside these things look like dollar store headphones and are about as comfortable (which is to say rapidly become painful). Every sound that comes out of them sounds muddled, there is no crispness or definition....
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No Bass, good highs, lots of mid


Pros: Highs, mids (if your a mid's person)

Cons: Bass, high mids

I purchased these headphones for my birthday of this year to replace my Logitech G930 headset. I've never had an "audiophile" or very high quality pair of headphones, but have heard very great things about them. I am a person who makes sure my music is in FLAC or other lossless (Or from original CD to lossless) so this isn't your average person who listens to MP3's on their Ipod.   To start when I got the headphones, the design was terrible. Looked tiny like it would break and actually DID break on the second day of usage. The left connector to the cup broke off, I do not have a big head and I never mistreated them, but it's most likely manufacture defect. The next thing I...
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More Reviews


Like a Sports Car- Fast, Fun, Fatiguing


Pros: (1) Fast Bass, (2) Engaging Sound, (3) Good for Home Theater, (4) 1/4" Jack

Cons: (1) Fatiguing Sound, (2) Uncomfortable when Worn for Long Periods, (3) Fragile Construction

WHERE THEY EXCEL These work especially well for two genres, speed metal and classical music- two genres which you otherwise would not refer to in the same sentence.   These are great for speed metal as the bass attacks and decays so quickly that with these, blast (bass drum) beats sound like blast (bass drum) beats rather than a muddy, thudding rumble as they do with slower, warmer sound signatures.   They're great for classical or any acoustic music due to the forward and realistic presentation of the picking of string instruments.   These also work well for Home theater due to the different spacial presentations of sounds with vocals being in the foreground and...
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Grado SR225i


Pros: Comfortable (For me), Engaging, Great Mids, Fun, Easy to Drive

Cons: May be uncomfortable for long periods of time, Feels a bit cheap, Lack of bass

I was searching for a "fun" headphone that I would enjoy listening to. I started looking at the SR80i's and the SR60i's, until I tried the SR225i and couldn't go back. There was a big difference in sound and comfort for me. Perhaps it was only the bowls (I didn't try the lower models with the bowl pads) but there was enough of a noticeable difference for me to opt for the higher model. What I noticed was a great increase in instrument separation, slightly increased soundstage, and improved clarity. Additionally, I found the bowls to be much more comfortable than the "comfies", which made my ears warm after only 15 minutes of listening. The vinyl headband was not a big problem for me. I...
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Orgasmo auditivo


Pros: Diseño, comodidad, versatilidad, precio.

Cons: Ninguno!!!

Adquirí esta semana estos auriculares, tenía los sr80i, los vendí y pude juntar algo más para comprarme estos, y no me arrepiento en absoluto, estuve muy conforme con los sr80i pero sentí que subí un escalón más tras la adquisición de estos... Los compré a un conocido que me los vendió (nuevos) con las almohadillas de los PS1000, y realmente no me gustaba el sonido así que hice un par de modificaciones a esas almohadillas (adjunto foto), y me fabriqué otras a partir de goma espuma y tela de algodón (3 pares tengo ahora). Encontré una gran diferencia en las frecuencias bajas que estos reproducen, son mucho más extendidos abajo. Las frecuencias medias creo que tienen la medida justa para...
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Great headphones but best to change the foam covers


Pros: Sound quality, balanced natural bass ( not overblown ), engaging mid-range

Cons: Original foam cushion is uncomfortable

This is for original SR225, not SR225i I have owned both the improved and original versions. In my view the SR225 is better sounding than the so called Improved version, despite marketing claim about increased airflow by 50%, I smell marketing BS The reason these headphones have a good reputation is due to the original design. I sold my 225i on, as I could not hear any audio improvement and they are not built as well, seems to be a common thing these day, ie: maximum profit margin. If you want to see what I mean about marketing BS, then it's here on these pages, statements about improved sound-stage in the i version is just nonsense. Firstly, you cannot create a soundstage with...
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Quick Response, Excellent Clarity, Excellent Sound-Stage


Pros: Thick Cable, Pads (These don't hurt my ears, so I must be special), Sound-Stage, Response, Clarity

Cons: The cable has a mind of it's own, and has attempted to kill me once or twice.

Very, very, quick response (not as quick as say, the RS2i). Excellent clarity (I've yet to hear these sound remotely muddy). The sound stage is excellent, speakers could still outdo it, but it's truly unfair to compare headphones and speakers. The bass is more than satisfactory (for me -- note that I am using a relatively flat DAC).   Songs: - Acoustic Alchemy - Mr. Chow : Superb. Superb. Superb. Crisp guitar, clean percussion. - DSO - Guerrilla Laments : Fast. I could name each instrument and transcribe the lyrics. - Brubeck - Take Five : From the subtle bass to the horns, and everything in between, this track was superb. - David Bowie - Five Years : Drums and Vocals were more...
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The Sweet spot of the range?


Pros: Great sound

Cons: Uncomfortable

Coming from the 80i, MS1i, to the 225i they are a cut above the rest, really cannot fault them.  Well ok, the cable is like having a power cord hanging from your neck, and there not the most comfortable headphone ever made, but sonically i cannot fault them.

Sweet-spot of the Grado Fam


Pros: Mids, Price, Retro style, Separation

Cons: L-Cushes, Stock cable

It's just like the title says: these are the price:performance sweet-spot of the Grado line.    I've owned/auditioned the SR60i, MS1, MS2i, and now the 225i and these are the ones I'm keeping.   The slightly warm sound does most things well: Bass is textured, however, some may find it thin. I find it a touch warm of analytical - in other words - fun. Mids are addictive. Very forward (Grado - duh), but not so much that the other freq ranges are belittled. Female vocals and guitar solos sound great. Treble is certainly better than the 325/MS2 treble of terror - detailed yet forgiving. Electronic music and classical recordings alike show details wonderfully,...
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Good Starter Headphone


Pros: Great Value Sound Quality

Cons: Comfort, Build Quality

I previously owned a pair of Klipsch Image S4 earbuds after reading a review on C-Net about how good they sounded. After hearing music with the Klipsch I started to crave for a richer sound. I came across head-fi and searched for the best cans in my price range. There were two contenders it came down to the Grado SR225i and a pair of Sennheiser's for which model I can not recall. After calling around local audio shops I finally found the Grados. They didn't have a display pair but the owner of the shop was nice enough to open a brand new pair for me to test out. I feel in love instantly. The sound quality was like nothing I had heard at that point in my life (I've heard better now,...
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Great for Metal


Pros: Great for Rock/Metal, distorted guitar tone is not harsh

Cons: fatiguing after a couple hours, extremely cheap construction

My reference is primarily with inner ear monitors (UE10pro) and the Beyerdynamic DT770.     I've been listening to the SR225i's for a few days and have developed a few opinions...  I've been wanting Grado's for a long time, but I've never jumped on a pair because of criticisms of cheap construction, narrow soundstage and overly colored mid-ranges.  I finally jumped on the SR225i's because it seemed like the best I was going to do for $200 sound quality-wise and these are constantly referenced as some of the best "Rock" headphones.     I should note that I almost exclusively listen to Hard Rock and Power Metal.  I understand that these genres...
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