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I'm sorry Grado. Ignore my username on this one.

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Grado SR125i Headphones

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Pros: Relatively cheap, comfortable pads.

Cons: Strong dip in the midrange frequencies, the SR80i sounds better for less.

I've own/owned every single pair of Grados except the PS1000's. In general, they're great. But the only ones to disappoint are the iGrados (which were a joke), and the SR125. 


If you look at the freq. graph on headroom, there is a strong dip in the midrange near the 5KHz range, compared to, say, the SR80i or the SR225i. What the... Grado?


Midrange consequently ain't too great. I'm not saying these are horrible, just not the typical Grado sound you'd expect. And you can spend more (SR225i) or less (SR80i) money and get a better phone either way.


I'd personally recommend the extra $50 to upgrade to the SR225i's, which, imo, are the best sound quality to price ratio for any grado. 


Based on my Grado experience, as limited as it has been (SR125, 225i, and an HF2) I would concur and say that the 225i was a very nice headphone. I owned mine for about 2 years and was quite pleased overall, but eventually wanted to have a headphone with less presence and more depth and at that point I went to the HF2 which was quite an improvement I felt and then to the DT880, yet another improvement in my mind.
The HF1 actually beats the HF2 imo, both of which I recently got. The HF1 sounds like no other grado I've ever heard, but it's pretty hard to find...
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