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Grado SR125i Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Overall, good headphones


Pros: Very good mids and highs, crisp bass, good articulation, no distortion

Cons: Not very comfortable

These headphones are quite good, and have really great highs.  They are an improvement over the SR-80i, with a more balanced and bright sound with better articulation.  For the money, they are quite good.     These headphones do need to be broken in a bit.  The highs start off a little harsh and tinny, but end up pronounced, but more balanced.  They also need to be amped to get the full sound.  Without an amp, they are dead.  With an amp, they are brought alive, and have more bass and highs.   The place where the SR-125i's really shine is in the mids and highs.  They are bright but accurate.  and they have a little punch...
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Negative Reviews


I'm sorry Grado. Ignore my username on this one.


Pros: Relatively cheap, comfortable pads.

Cons: Strong dip in the midrange frequencies, the SR80i sounds better for less.

I've own/owned every single pair of Grados except the PS1000's. In general, they're great. But the only ones to disappoint are the iGrados (which were a joke), and the SR125.    If you look at the freq. graph on headroom, there is a strong dip in the midrange near the 5KHz range, compared to, say, the SR80i or the SR225i. What the... Grado?   Midrange consequently ain't too great. I'm not saying these are horrible, just not the typical Grado sound you'd expect. And you can spend more (SR225i) or less (SR80i) money and get a better phone either way.   I'd personally recommend the extra $50 to upgrade to the SR225i's, which, imo, are the best sound quality to price...
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More Reviews


Can't really say anything bad.


Pros: Sound quality, Surprisingly good build quality, works unamped and shines even brighter with.

Cons: Minor comfort and sound leakage

 These babies can sing. That's all I can say. I had never tried a pair of Grados before these and I'm pretty shocked (in a good way.)    The box leaves some to be desired, a pizza-box style box, with an image of a pair of Grado woodies on it. It has a GRADO headphones name in vintage-ish blue/purple/orange, and a quotation reading "truly the world's finest." Nothing too special, but boxes aren't what headphones are all about ;)    Opening the box I was greeted by my sexy new cans in a piece of foam cut out to fit the headphones. They definitely looked nice. Vinyl headband, retro but solid looking plastic build, and an incredibly thick cable. They looked...
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My entry into Head-Fi


Pros: American made, agressive but clean

Cons: uncomfortable headband, scruffy? earpads

The bass is somewhat weak, but very well controlled. The SR125i is easily better than the SR80i, though I question how much of the clarity is due to the 8 conductor cable over the 80i's 4. Compared to the SR225 (non-i) I could not tell much, if any difference. The 225 did have the L pads, which, given my experience with the S, I wish I had tried. Outside of that, I believe the slight (very slight) improvement is probably partially due to the 225s metal grill. The plastic seems like it could be somewhat restrictive by comparison, though given that, a 125i and a bit of fun modding one of the most modder friendly headphones out there seems a better bet than a 225. The 225i may have convinced...
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Grado SR125i


Pros: Great Lively Sound, Made in USA, Quality Construction, Easy to Drive

Cons: Bad for and office environment, can get quite uncomfortable after a while

I LOVE listening to music on these cans!  However, I can only do so when home alone it seems.  As with all open phones they can produce quite a bit of sound outside of your ear.  Music has a wonderful punch and brightness when heard through these, and they are very easy to drive without a headphone amp.  I would certainly purchase another pair of Grados in the future!
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