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An utter classic

A Review On: Grado SR-80

Grado SR-80

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Pros: Everything about this headphone, especially for the price

Cons: Made from cheap materials once you break them down, can be blown out easily if you listen to music loud

The Grado SR-80 has been on pretty much every list of best value in headphones ever made (or at least any that know what they're talking about) and they're there for a good f***ing reason. These are probably some of the best audiophile headphones priced under $150 dollars ever made. They have a great sound all the way from their warm, fun bass to their nice and detailed mids, to their fairly open and airy sounding highs. This last bit is enabled by their open-backed design, which does allow some sound to leak, but you know that if you're buying open back headphones. There's really not much to say. These headphones look great, sound great, feel great, and have an insanely great price. If you're looking for a pair of headphones that show off why Grado has become a household name among many headphone enthusiasts then look no further than the AMERICAN company's timeless classic: the SR-80. 


pretty sure Grado is an American company
They're definitely American! :)
I corrected it in my review. Don't know why but for some reason i was thinking "london" instead of "brooklyn." Thanks for the catch. 
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