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Grado SR-80 Reviews


Metalhead's delight


Pros: Aggressive mids, Tight lows

Cons: Isolation, Initial fatigue, Sometimes too bright, Cable

Introduction The Grado SR80i is one of the entry-level models in a legendary lineup. It is the first pair of proper cans I have owned. I'm a big fan of metal but being a student didn't have enough cash to burn on high-end stuff and after a bit of lurking found that cans were being recommened by many for listening to metal. Also, I wanted a better set of cans to really enjoy my new source (FiiO X3). So after a bit of saving up, I ended up buying these and I must admit, I have not been disappointed.   Photos   Testing Since I bought it solely for listening to metal, I wanted to try out as many variations (sub-genres) I could with it. The source used for this review is a...
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Grado SR80.


Pros: Very musical, dynamic, fast and very detailed.

Cons: Can be a bit harsh sounding sometimes. And comfort can be a little rough at times.

Not a review, just my little opinion on these nice headphones.   My Grado SR80s are the older ones (Not the new 'i' version) I'm guessing my SR80s were made around in 2001-2003 etc.   All I can say these SR80s are very musical sounding headphones, and they can sure boogie too.   I think the SR80s are one of Grado's best headphones in my opinion. And can sound just as good as headphones costing £250+. Very good value for money !!     Regards.    

Love me some Grados!!!


Pros: great sound, light weight, cool retro styling, made in USA

Cons: crappy cord, not very durable

A couple of years ago, I took the bait and bought my set of Grado SR80s. Its been mostly love ever since.   I adore the sound, which is pretty spectacular, especially at this price. Could use a little more robust bass, but i just pump up the bass with EQ. Sound is really clear and musical.   They're easily powered by a computer or ipod. I tried a CMOY with mine but didn't notice much if any difference.   They're lightweight, and since I live in a small Manhattan apartment and have my phones on ALL the time, the light weight is key. I can wear these for hours and experience very little discomfort.   I love the retro styling. Some hate it. I don't. To...
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Grado SR-80


Pros: Warm but mostly uncolored, transparent

Cons: cord material and reliability

I've owned a pair of SR-80s since 1996 when my old Yamaha phones collapsed beyond repair. I auditioned a pair of SR-60s at a local high-end store, and when I was ready, got a pair.  I was very disappointed!  It wasn't at all the sound I had heard in the audition.  I was unhappy enough to return them, and in a newsgroup (remember them?) complained about my experience.  Group members had been praising the SR-60s at the time, and I couldn't get behind that.  To my surprise, I got an email from Joe Grado asking for my shipping address!  He offered me a pair of the SR-80s, said if I liked them, I could pay for them, and if not, give them to somebody else. ...
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Grado SR80i - Best bang-for-buck headhpone out there.


Pros: Affordable, Precise, exceptional clarity, look great, plenty of mods available.

Cons: A little lacking in soundscape, You really NEED the Grado L-Cush pads.

I could not recommend SR-80i's any higher to someone that's looking in that price range. I did months and months of research before settling for a pair, I read just about every review out there. Realistically I do not think that for the money you could get yourself a better can. I fitted Grado L-Cush (from the SR-325i) pads to mine and it made the world of difference, not just to comfort but to the audible landscape.

Ok for the price, but not close to the hype


Pros: Decent Soundstage, Fairly Accurate, Vocals are a Strength

Cons: Lack of clarity, transparency, and highs. Not as 'bright' as one would believe

For 4 years I've tried to love these headphones.  But I can't get above simply 'liking' them.  I listen to lossless (flac) Jazz, Blues and Rock using a mi-fi quality $500 DAC.     In a nutshell, I am continuously looking for better transparency/clarity/detail.  I have tried to understand the common description of SR80's as 'bright' - however, the only 'bright' sound I have found is in a peak in the response that centers on male and female vocals.   I have tried cup and cable mods, looking for improvement, but have come up wanting.  The cup mods made the most difference.  The cable upgrade had little impact.

Clear, piercing mids, design flaws


Pros: Soundstage is excellent, clear highs,

Cons: Cord is too long, tendency for headphones to swivel out of place constantly, underpowered bass response

They have very open, bright and oftentimes a trademark piercing mids and highs quality about them, which makes the soundstage sound very very clear.  In fact the  sound is very bright at times and their top volume can double as a small speaker..the brightness and soundstage can be heard from 20 ft plus if the volume is raised at max, that is how clear they are.   That said, these headphones are best used if you want a flat response, they have nice tight lows but they are not punchy, the upper of the low frequencies is the best aspect of its bass , so they would be great for classical.     For those looking for modern music like EDM, hardcore, rap, I would not...
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Great sounding, not great feeling


Pros: fantastic sound for the price, probably no better

Cons: pad is really bad

These headphones sound really good for their price point. But the pads are really scratchy and can't be worn sometimes.

Great headphones


Pros: Fabulous sound, but I use it only while trying to fall asleep

Cons: Terrible, terrible foam

I have had it for a very long time. Smooth, rich sound. I use it exclusively with my iPhone and iPod nowadays.   The foam just ripped even though I gave it TLC! I wrote to the company and a received a snarky response from a smart-ass there - he must hate working there, or what. As a result, I was determihed not to buy it from them and shaped my own foam - looks like the wheels on the Flintstones car, but works!

Great phones -- better with my mods.


Pros: Amazing sound for the buck -- real lows, real highs with only a bit of harshness on occasion

Cons: Crappy build quality. Cheap foam ear pads which lead to fatigue. The plastic sheathing covering the individual can feeds will crack and cut wires.

So, I bought these for my office some years back. They were better than average for office listening, with the open design suitable for not entirely ignoring one's colleagues. I was underwhelmed by the physical design, but listen for a little while and that mostly goes away. If you're very careful with them, they might even last more than a year or two... but alas, that was not my case.    The problem is the cable... specifically, the cabling after the split. They used some sheathing material over the wires to each speaker which did not age well. In my case, it cracked, and eventually one of those surprisingly sharp pieces cut one of the wires, and that was that... until early...
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