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Aggressive headphones suitable for heavy rock

A Review On: Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

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Pros: Unique sound signature that you don't really get with other offerings from other companies

Cons: Terribly uncomfortable. Ruined the experience.

I had these for a few months before I sold it because they became unbearable to use.
I tried the bowl pads and that helped with comfort but the sound became a nightmare for an audiophile so I will refrain from discussing that here.

Build quality:
Very solid headphones. The cable is nice and thick so I'm not scared of it breaking.
The solid metal earcups are a nice touch but are also a downside.
The headband is nice.

Cups are beautiful and shiny but paint comes off easily on the lettering.
The cups are too heavy.
I'm not a fan of the earcup swivel design but it works.

The earcups are far too heavy for on ears and it ends up pressing a lot on your ears. The stiff pads and the grill of the drivers end up scratching and pressing even more with no cushioning.
Putting them on for an hour was torture for me.

Now, you'd expect it to have amazing sound quality considering the downside of comfort right?
While the sound is good, it's not a natural sound.
It's very aggressive and emphasizes various frequencies. It's very energetic.

Quite punchy if the song calls for it. The bass is not overwhelming in any way.

Very forward and aggressive in an "in your face" sort of way. Not very smooth.

Very harsh and bright headphones. Would probably be very fatiguing for people. I've never felt fatigue from any headphones so the bright treble isn't a turnoff for me.

Soundstage: very limited when compared to the AKG Q701 in the same price range.
Seperation: Again, not as good compared to the AKG Q701.

If you can handle the comfort, maybe flat pads from the lower models? But from experimenting, it changes the sound a lot.
The sound signature is very much colored to make rock and similar genres energetic and aggressive but to me, this isn't exactly a great thing since I listen to classical and other genres as well.


I'm just curious how long you let these burn in for. I think what you are describing as aggressive is the classic Grado sound signature, and the 325is also adds an incredible amount of detail, for a $300 pair of headphones. I find them to be comfortable, depending on what it is I am listening to; but you are right, they are heavy, and the thick cable pulling down on them certainly don't help the matter! 
 I would agree with almost everything the review says about these uncomfortable heavy and coloured headphones. I was very disappointed with the comfort out of the box.
However I followed the recommendations on the forums and did the following.
1. Added G cups and a sennheiser padded headband.
2. Opened up the phones and punched all the holes and added dampening as prescribed.
3. remove the plastic "coin".
4  rolled my valves on my AUNE T1 to the current seimens e188cc.
5. Burn them is for at least 100hrs.
Note this invalidates your warrenty.
now they are comfortable (I often fall asleep with them on), neutral with a pinpoint and broad sound stage and high resolution. On recordings I'm not used to I often turn my head because I think the person or noise is in the room..it's so real.
Pity they are so bad out of the box but for another £90 and some work they are difficult to beat at the price.
I now love them and will never part with them.
I got the G pads but the sound was just horrendous. I never did any of the other mods, I just decided to move on after.
As for burn-in, pretty sure that wasn't an issue. They were in use at least 100hrs if not more before I sold them.
Hello.  I am new to the site and am looking to upgrade my entry-level cans.  I was thinking of pairing these Grado SR325i's with an Asgard 2, but it looks like I may have to consider alternatives.  I have trouble finding x-large hat sizes and any discomfort caused by head clamping, weight, etc. would be a deal breaker.  The mods do sound promising though.
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