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Punchy and forward sound - I love them!

A Review On: Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

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Pros: Punchy bass, sparkling treble and very forward mids. Crystal clear sounding headhones appealing to those who love a very "in-your-face" sounding can..

Cons: Grado wearing comfort. Heavy and clunky. Cables could be better and more sturdy.

I can not find any headphone similar to the SR-325. They are very different from all other headphones I have heard and also from the rest of the Grado line. You either love them or hate them. I can say for myself that these through the years have become my reference and no other Grado headphone have been able to take their place for me - even though HF2 was pretty close. 


The SR325 has a very forward, in-your-face sound. It offers a detail level on par with the rest of the top of the line Grados and it has crystal clear mids wich gives them a unique and intimate presentation of vocal recordings. They are very punchy and fast - some say they are metallic sounding and that might be a good way to describe the 325's. 


The treble is too much for most people so do not buy them without having heard these first! For me the treble and upper mids is the very unique part of the sound and something I haven't heard in any other headphone. Even when listening at low levels they are able to bring out very small details and they are high fidelity for sure. 


I think the SR325's are great for jazz - vocal jazz in particular. They might also be for headphones what the Lagavulin is for single malt whiskeys - a very refined but powerful peat-smokey aroma - you have to learn how to enjoy it. But once you "break the code" they will reward the listener with new ways to hear some recordings. 


Pure musical enjoyment for my part.

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Nice review, I hear a lot of good things about Grado's and I'm looking forward to gettin an entry level my self. Although the "break the code" comment really throws me :3, BUT I can realte to it... there is a method to listening and enjoying music that you don't learn until you've been taught so maybe that's the code that needs breaking ;3. Although I'm not a fan of metallic sounds... I demo'd some 200 and 300 Senn cans and well I hated how Metallic they where... either way nice review :3
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