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Grado SR325i NOT FOR ME great for well recorded classical.

A Review On: Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR-325i Prestige Series Headphones

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Pros: Nice looking,solid construction,timeless styleing

Cons: sonics are bright and they are unforgiveing of poor recordings

Grado Labs SR325i 018.JPGhoowe 006.JPGGrado Labs SR325i 009.JPGSTEREO 009.JPGGrado Labs SR325i 015.JPGI may be off on the date but it should be close.
















After owning the SR80 for a few years I thought the Grado 325i would just give you more of the same sound as the loved 80,they do not.

What they do give you before break in with some source material is sonically smiler to diving naked into a 5 yard dumpster filled to the top with angry fire ants.


They are brighter than driving into the hot California desert sun with out sun glasses.

But to be fair after break in classical recordings from the 1960's and 70's from the London philharmonic on open reel tape was like a blessed event from heaven!


So without going to deep into detail source material is critical should you choose these headphones.

And they do mellow with break in but not as much as I would have liked.

They are loved by menny people for there forward presentation of detail in mids and highs and texture (loads of texture).More bass would go along way as an improvement.

But you just get overwhelmed by it all very quickly.


Sound stage is lacking,nuff said.


They are a little clunky to ware and the cord twists if your not careful as the ear pieces turn,but they feel nice on your head once you get them placed right.

I should also add that due to the extra weight of the metal housings I had to add some extra padding to the headband to make them tolerable.

The construction is timeless and solid.


They do look stunning,the black/gold really looks fantastic,they remind me of something from Flash Gordon.


If Classical,Jazz or Folk is your thing these might be your Huckel Berry.

If not move on to the RS2 or RS1.


Sorry,Jhon Grado but out of all the Grado's Ive heard(at least 6 pair come to mind) these are my least favorite with most types of music.  .

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Same here, bought the sr325 after owning an sr80 for one year, I just wanted some improvement, but it's annoyingly bright and I'm not using it at all just the sr80. I will try the break in with it than give a second chance to this headphone before I find someone that likes it and sell the stuff. Quite disappointed.
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