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Best sound per $?

A Review On: Grado RS 2i

Grado RS 2i

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Pros: Dynamic, micro details, speed, easy to drive

Cons: Expensive in Europe, with standard pads not very suitable for longterm listening

Bought these as demo's here in the Netherlands for 430 Euro (list price 595 Euro which is a bloody rip-off compared to the $495 they cost you in the US (= approx. 375 Euro).


What I like most of these is their live-like, open sound character. They are easy to drive which is great as they can be used directly with an ipod. However, you will not get to their full potential that way. Switching to a Cowon J3 was a big step forward in sound and using a better amp like the Rudistor RPX-100 will give you another boost, especially in the treble, which can sound a bit harsh without good amplification.

Bass is very solid and dry although it does not reach extremely low, mids and mid/treble are superb.

The overall sound is very coherent and I really like the (micro) dynamics and their resolution.


Only bummer was their listing comfort. I don't like pads pressing on my ears. So I upgraded them with the GS1000 pads. That did not only improve their listening comfort, it also improved significantly their spaceousness. A poor mans GS1000? Only drawback is that they need to be used now at higher volumes, which makes them a bit more leaky.


Anyway, with these pads it's a great sounding headphone for a reasonable price. With the GS1000 pads they have a great sound for the buck (especially when bought in the US)


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