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Grado RA1-HG

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Pros: Power,

Cons: turning it on, yikes!

 Six weeks ago I sent my litte wooden gem to be repaired, and for six weeks I have been waiting for it's return and all I get is "Our repair is sick, he will be back soon." Six weeks!? This is crap, they have been always been good with there service but with this they hit bottom. Grado, I'm very very disappointed and very angry at this sholcky service. I think they better check on this guy that....repairs because I think he's dead!!

Grado RA1-HG

Although nearly all of Grado Labs headphones rate at about 32 Ohms impedance, many headphone afficionados own higher-impedance, harder to drive headphones ornbspmore power-hungry cans demanding a robust power source. Heres the easynbspway to bring that world-famous Grado sound to any high-end headphone of your choice.

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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphone Amplifiers › Grado RA1-HG