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The best I have ever heard

A Review On: Grado PS1000 Headphones

Grado PS1000 Headphones

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Pros: Soundstage, tonality, verve

Cons: Floppy and awkward

I'm not the reviewing type, but I wanted to make sure that these got another positive review. They have been, in my estimation, savagely and unfairly maligned on Head-Fi, mostly by people who have never owned them. Suffice to say that they are the most satisfying listen of all the headphones I own or have owned. Check my profile if you are interested in my many points of reference.


Yes, they have faults (a slight mid-range focus, mainly, but also they are awkward and heavy to the point of occasional distraction), but they have the most expansive sound stage, and enveloping presentation, of any headphone I have tried. The sound is vital, detailed, and alive. If you are looking for the "standard" Grado sound, you will be surprised, and maybe disappointed, because they do not have the immediacy that characterizes the SR60i through the RS1i. What they have is beyond all that.


Thanks for reading!


They sure need more love and they are getting more and more of it now when people has actually listened to it rather than bash it for it's price tag.
The headband needs more stuffing, the pads are great imo.
Thanks for the review.
Yes! The price tag doesn't seem quite so steep these days.
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