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A truly great performer

A Review On: Grado PS1000 Headphones

Grado PS1000 Headphones

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Pros: Effortlessly dynamic, so easy to drive, Outstanding details, probably the deepest/cleanest bass you can find, look delicious, comfy...

Cons: I'm so in love that i'm obsessed by those cans.

Why I spent so much time without testing any Grado ?

I don't know. I used to have 2 R10 in my collection, one TH900, one D7000, one D7100, Sony SA5000, MDR-CD3000, HD800...

I listened to the very best headphones on earth : Orpheus, Qualia 010, Abyss, Stax 009...etc. But I completely bypassed the grado brand... Maybe because in France that is not really popular... 


But seriously, the PS1000 has really something unique 


If I would say some words : they are maybe one of the best I ever  heard. They are so easy going, so easy to drive, and give you amazing results ever with a classic headphones out from a computer and flac or mp3...


When I received the PS1000, I decided to simply sell my two HD800 and becoming a grado cans collector.


Why ?


Because the PS1000 are a kind of HD800 with more realistic soundstage, suave highs (hd800 highs can be terrible on some dac/amp), and especially THEY ARE SO EASY TO DRIVE (Did I say it already ?) of course you still can improve the sound connecting them on Ear Yoshino, but seriously, you can take AMAZING pleasure listening to them on you smartphone. This is ridiculously easy going, and you'll listen to the joy of sound even with 320 kpbs MP3.


This is it, I'm done with other high impedance headphones which are so hard to drive... I'll never buy again something up to 80 ohms in my life. I'm done with that. Since the R10, i'm considering masterpiece headphones to be EASY TO DRIVE and I was wrong trying to find the holy grall with high imp headphones... Seriously, who wants to spend billions of hours to find the right amp for each headphone... ? Yeah, many on head-fi. I prefer spending my time listening to music !


I will not explain how it sounds in detail because it is beyond words. Like the R10, each time I put the PS1000 on someone's head, I can see this person amazed.


If you like music, if you love sound, and you can buy one, do not even hesitate, they are easy to drive, amazing all rounder : you''ll not regret.

I can, at last, listen to my beloved David Bowie, even on my phone, without the highs driving me crazy (like on HD800).


Oh, and did i say they have the best and deepest bass I ever heard in my life ? (UPDATE : now it is the N90q, it is the best for bass to me)


As a conclusion, I would say the same WHATHIFI words :


"They justify their price with a simply astonishing sound. Headphones can't get much better than this"

Thanks Grado.



Stuffs I use to listen my PS1000 : Chord Mojo or If i don't have it with me, any headphones out of anything (Samsung S6, my computer or what I find :D)


I believe they sound amazing, but better and deeper bass than the TH 900 or D7000, from a Grado? I'm not sure I can buy that. I have a local Grado dealer here, I'll pop in and see if they have the PS1000 on demo. Cheers.
In terms of impact, the closed designed headphones as th900, d7000 or d7100 will be better but except for the impact the ps1000 is superior in terms of definition, precision, and realism.
nice review, I feel the same way about my GS-1000l's!
To Sonic Defender, Now I use the Chord Mojo with the PS1000 and with DSD/High res I would say the bass impact is amazing and probaly better than anything I tried. The PS1000 really needs high res to entirely shine even it can be amazing with humble source and MP3... It sounds amazing with DSD audio, you should try it like that.
Just got a pair of chromed PS1k myself! Very impressed. I've always been a Grado-head and I don't feel like it can get more Grado. Wide soundstage, rich bass, crystal mids, and detail for days. What else do you need!?
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