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Grado PS1000 Headphones Reviews


A truly great performer


Pros: Effortlessly dynamic, so easy to drive, Outstanding details, probably the deepest/cleanest bass you can find, look delicious, comfy...

Cons: I'm so in love that i'm obsessed by those cans.

Why I spent so much time without testing any Grado ? I don't know. I used to have 2 R10 in my collection, one TH900, one D7000, one D7100, Sony SA5000, MDR-CD3000, HD800... I listened to the very best headphones on earth : Orpheus, Qualia 010, Abyss, Stax 009...etc. But I completely bypassed the grado brand... Maybe because in France that is not really popular...    But seriously, the PS1000 has really something unique    If I would say some words : they are maybe one of the best I ever  heard. They are so easy going, so easy to drive, and give you amazing results ever with a classic headphones out from a computer and flac or mp3...   When I...
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Austin Morrow

Grado PS1000: The Legendary Flagship (Review)


Pros: Detailed Spectrum - Realistic Imaging - Bass Quality & Depth - Extended Highs - Warm Midrange

Cons: Choice Materials - Can Be Overly Bright - Too Forward - Bass Surge Isn't Enough

  The Grado PS1000 is considered one of the best headphones available in the headphone world and has been compared to the likes of the Sennheiser HD800, Beyerdynamic T1, the Audez’e LCD-3, and the HiFiMan HE-6. At $1600, the Grado PS1000 is one of the most expensive flagships currently available, and I really don’t see a need for a formal or well thought out introduction, as I’m sure most of you just want to know what’s the stuff with the PS1000’s. So without any further ado, we shall begin with the Grado PS1000 review.   It’s been a long journey for me in the audio industry, and even though it’s only been two years, I’ve been lucky enough to listen to almost every...
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Supreme Sound for Metal, Classic and Jazz


Pros: Overall Sound,Sound Stage, Clear Image, Heart Thumping Bass, Detail Mids, Crystal Clear High, Easy to Drive (Compares to HD800, LCD-2 ,and ETC)

Cons: Packaging, Accessory, Weight, Lack of Sub-bass


The best I have ever heard


Pros: Soundstage, tonality, verve

Cons: Floppy and awkward

I'm not the reviewing type, but I wanted to make sure that these got another positive review. They have been, in my estimation, savagely and unfairly maligned on Head-Fi, mostly by people who have never owned them. Suffice to say that they are the most satisfying listen of all the headphones I own or have owned. Check my profile if you are interested in my many points of reference.   Yes, they have faults (a slight mid-range focus, mainly, but also they are awkward and heavy to the point of occasional distraction), but they have the most expansive sound stage, and enveloping presentation, of any headphone I have tried. The sound is vital, detailed, and alive. If you are...
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Grado PS1000


Pros: Majestic and very full sounding, sound stage depth unparalled, bass detail is one of the best

Cons: Weight, headband needs to be re-trimmed in the long term, distant sounding recordings will sound even more sucked out.

  Introduction:-   Thought it was high time that someone populated at least one profile review concerning these much maligned flagship cans from Grado.   The PS1000 ranks alongside the other two flagships from Audio Technica and Ultrasone - the W5000 and Edition 10 as the three outsiders of choice when any Head-Fier decides to take a leap into the world of flagship ownership. Many of the common threads suggest that this may be entirely logical and self evident - other players from Sennheiser, HiFiman and Audeze are simply the superior product and their Head-Fi popularity backs this up.   However, that's not to say there is not some...
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