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My first Grado!

A Review On: Grado Prestige Series SR60e Headphones

Grado Prestige Series SR60e Headphones

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Pros: Drums sound amazing

Cons: Shrill highs, picky

These are my first ever Grado's and I LOVE them, too bad I have to send them out to the next guy. 


I was always fascinated by Grado's ever since I saw Auggie's RS2's on Covert Affairs. I just knew I had to try them at one point and along came this awesome opportunity to loan them. I decided to try their cheapest ones because I just wanted to get an idea of their unique sound. 



Best headphone packaging I have come across, though I've only had the pleasure to open two others. Great packaging. Lots of lovely information to read in the box.


Build quality

Despite being all plastic it's very high quality. Doesn't have that cheap plastic feel to it. The cable shocked me, nice and thick, very high quality. The headband and adjustment are very smooth and feels solid. 



Super comfortable. I've been looking through Grado threads a lot and comfort is all over the place with the 3 different types of pads. For me, it has to be either on my ear or completely off. Not the most comfortable on ear's but after wearing it a few days, VERY comfortable. Only thing that isn't comfortable is that high quality cable, I personally don't like double sided cables because they always like to annoy me. 



I had these connected to my PC's Creative ZxR. 

I do not use EQ's ever! I wish everything had pure direct. 


Let's start off with the good: Nice close up sound, drums sound amazing, guitars sound amazing. These really are fantastic when listening to metal and rock. Decent amount of bass.


Bad: The highs on certain songs or even certain types of music are unbearable. Easily remedied by lowering the volume a tiny bit though. Turning the volume down sucks though. Pop/classical don't sound any good, anything with ton of electronic bass isn't going to sound good. Sound stage is too small for classical.


These were my first Grado's and I loved them. Will be buying myself either a pair of RS2e or RS1e in the near future.


cool :D nice read thank you for sharing! 
Thanks for the review!  I think you'll find that over time and with burn-in the shrillness goes away or at least smooths out considerably.  I had several of the Grado SR cans that were that way (SR80, SR225, SR325i Gold Edition)...
I don't know about the new E series too much but the SR60i does have some shrillness with some recordings even when burned in.
huawei y 330+grado sr60i+jazz radio.com = hi end audio 
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