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Amazing sound, very affordable

A Review On: Grado iGrado Headphones

Grado iGrado Headphones

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Pros: Balanced, Natural Sound, Good Bass, Excellent highs. Very affordable

Cons: Leaks a lot of sound, Not the most comfortable

My initial thoughts when I saw the iGrado was of disappointment. They do not have the cool retro look which other Grados have, and I am not a fan of a neckband, however, once I brushed that aside and got listening my disappointment soon turned to excitement. These cans sounds spectacular for £55. The iGrados have such a fantastic balanced and natural sound, there is a wide soundstage and the imagery they give is great. The bass is good, it is not overpowering but it is substantial for an open-back. Sound-wise the only flaw I have picked up on is that the mids can occasionally sound a little muffled.


The neckband tends to squeeze into my skull a little which over time becomes a touch annoying but the pads fit over my ears perfectly and the over the ear clips fit too. I saw the reviewer above said that the cord was too short. I don't find this problem, with the player in my pocket, the chord easily reaches my head. 


These are clearly on-the-go cans but the amount of sound that leaks from the open-back design may get you some funny looks on the tube. They are great for running though, with the neckband design if you run fast enough the sound leakage won't matter.


The price tag for these is almost unbelievable, in my opinion, they put many £200 cans (the likes of Beats et al) to shame, Grado has once again shown that it is possible to make brilliant headphones at affordable prices. 


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