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Grado HP-1000 Reviews


My take on the HP-2


Pros: "Neutrality", non-fatiguing, extreme details, hefty build quality

Cons: Fit for small heads is terrible, weight, not for bass lovers, high price premiums, poor lettering, low supply :)

Rigg: FLAC, Stello DA100 Signature (optical), RSA Raptor   It's a bit scattered but here are my notes on the HP-2:   Bass kick is there but doesn't carry weight emphasis (Listen to Chemical Brothers ~ music: Response), quantified in between the hd600 and hd650, would venture to say the bass sensitivity of hd800 (aka 0% bloat) is lower and fuller.  "Punchy" but not for bass lovers.   Details: in this tier of headphone detail retrieval leaves nothing to be desired, you can hear every bit of everything.   Nowhere near the speed of hd800, I know that the hp-2 is no slouch but it almost sounds congested going from hd800 to hp-2, then I realize it's just slower and more relaxed.  Reminds me of...
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Leonardo Drummond

Grado's Reference


Pros: Extreme accuracy, life-like with reference acoustic recordings

Cons: Very uncomfortable, will not suit any genre, rare and expensive

  INTRODUCTION First of all, excuse my English if you find any mistakes – I'm not a native speaker.   I suppose these don’t need much introduction. They were the first Grados – all made by Joe Grado himself –, and are usually regarded as some of the best headphones ever made. Even by today’s standards they are a reference for neutrality.   Three variations were produced: HP1s (with polarity switch), HP2s (without polarity switch) and HP3s (without polarity switch and more tolerant driver matching). There were also at least two cables used during the HP1000s’ production: the Joseph Grado Signature Ultra-Wide Bandwith Reference Cable and the Grado Signature Laboratory...
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Most Transparent Headphoens EVER


Pros: Sound quality and build quality

Cons: Comfort

After all these years, these continue to be considered among the best headphones ever made. I would agree. They are the most neutral headphones I have ever heard and certainly understand why they command such a high price.
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