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Grado Head-Fi Series HF-2 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


A very belated Grado HF2 review


Pros: Perfect treble, more neutral than other Grado's, still energetic, reasonably detailed, excellent placement

Cons: Bass could be tighter

  People don't usually review headphones three years after purchasing them but I feel obliged to review the cans which effectively ended my head-fi journey. This won't be incredibly lengthy (he says before accidentally writing something incredibly lengthy.) I will be selling them for reasons which I will delve into later, and I want to get my impressions down before they go.   But first, some background. Of course you can skip it if you want.   The Alessandro MS1's were my first audiophile headphones and I absolutely loved them. They were so intense and crunchy. I loved the way they made me feel the energy of the music. Despite this I couldn't just stop there...
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Negative Reviews


There are better Grados


Pros: Lower Bass

Cons: midrange

IMO these give up to much Grado magic.  For about the same price you can get Allesandro MS-Pros which beat these in midrange and even bass if you add flats.   The electric guitar just doesn't imagine as nicely with the HF-2s as other Grados.  I actually preferred my MS-1s.   Another anoying quality is that the HF-2s sound muddy with flats or comfies so you are stuck with bowls.

More Reviews


of the dozens of grados i've heard, these are my favorite


Pros: Naturalness, dynamics, balance

Cons: a touch 'heavy' to wear. The cable is too fat .

love the musical and dynamic quality of the grado sound but I have a hard time enjoying most of their products. The HF2 rocks however and is easily my favorite stock grado phone for old time rock n roll, classic 70's and early 80's metal, bebop jazz and blues listening sessions. The ps500 is a slight devolution from this sound imo. They are similar but the ps500 sucked out the mids and favored a one-note bass humped sound that ultimately sounds more 'grey' and clinical than the warmer and more 'worn out jeans' sound of the HF2. Why grado went in the ps500 direction must have been the result of some kind of market research or rudderless management which is disconnected somehow from...
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Pros: great sound (it's like discovering vynal all over again)

Cons: not the most comfortable.

i cant compare because they're my first audiophile grade headphones but i doubt there are many better.

One of the Finest Grados Yet!


Pros: Dead-on tone, instantaneous attack, tight, deep, impactful bass, extended highs without the "Grado harshness", and a midrange to die for.

Cons: Small soundstage (but fantastic imaging and separation), very forward, can be slightly grainy, the darkest Grado yet, and can be uncomfortable.

I'll be sure to fill this part out later :P

Grado HF2, A Musical Delight.


Pros: Versatile, liquid-sounding, good timbre and posseses THE Grado house sound minus the shouty treble.

Cons: Heavy, slightly lacks the refinement that top-tier Grado cans have.

Grado HF2 is one of the few Grado cans that manage to sound right (as far as a Grado goes) without possessing any serious flaws. All the traditional Grado strengths are there such as the oh-so liquid midrange, delicious timbre, PRaT and the ability to induce you into a head-bobbing trance minus the annoying treble that plagues the top-tier models such as the PS1000 and GS1000 plus an added bass punch that makes contemporary music sounds really good. The HF2 truly embodies the qualities that make a Grado Grado, and some more.
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