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Grado GS1000 Reviews


Exceptional headphones for the price


Pros: Imaging, clarity, mids

Cons: Price, Soundstage is a bit flat, the headband is still underwhelming

First, some boilerplate stuff -   Audio setup -     FLAC files in MEdia Monkey -> Amazon Basics TOSLINK cable -> Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade -> Knukoncept Shielded RCAS -> Project Ember with 80's Amprex 7062 tube   Music -     Nabucco, Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Chorus conducted by Lamberto Gardelli, 1965     Why So Serious, Hans Zimmer, the Dark Knight OST   Grados are considered to be the best for Jazz music, but this Nabucco recording is one of my favorites in my collection, and thus the recording I'm most familiar with. It also helps that it is superbly recorded and mastered. Why So...
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Grado GS1000 - An Experience


Pros: Amazing Soundstage, Precise Imaging, Nothing Short Of Breath-taking

Cons: Expensive

Foreword: I have just acquired my first set of Grado GS1000's, at approximately 3-4 years old, these are the non-i version. They have only had a claimed 15-25 hours use prior to my initial testing, these cans are not broken in, they will require 100-200 hours before properly warmed. I shall start by saying that I am far from an audio or electrical engineer; I just know what I like and what I don’t. Most of my HiFi experience comes from larger gear, but I ventured into the world of HiFi Can’s when I purchased a pair of Grado SR80i’s three or so years ago. Since then, I have been using a pair of re-cabled AKG K701’s (Don’t even get me started on weather I think cabling actually does...
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Best of the Best


Pros: Portable, amazing sound quality, best one of Grado headphones

Cons: None

These headphones are better than any headphones I have auditioned. No cons at all.
Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › Over-Ear › Grado GS1000 › Grado GS1000 Reviews