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I had no Idea! I cannot believe these in ears are no where near as promoted and popular as they truly deserve.

A Review On: Grado GR10 In-ear Headphones

Grado GR10 In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Lots of space, instrument separation, depth, huge sound stage, highs that are not piercing(does not hit the wall of comfortable listening, so small

Cons: None for me, life is way too short to grumble about the price. It is cheaper than competing brands!

I am lost for words for 2 reasons, 1st: These in ears behave much more like over ears headphones in all the good ways.

2nd: these deserve to be much more popular than they are, I am simply shocked that there is not much more renowned!

I currently own the Shure SE535's as well as Sennheiser IE8 and have used and owned many of the 500 and under earphones, such as Monster Turbine Copper Pro and Etimotics. all these earphones are very good and each of them has qualities that are admirable and impressive, however what the Grado GR10 has is something that I don't think could be measured and or described in words, all I can say is that regardless of specs these in ears make music! this sounds silly, but, really, you will no longer try to access the sound and look for how accurately the specs reflect what one hears, you simply will be so engrossed in the music, you will now be in the presence of the performer (artist).

Detail is amazing, even on an Iphone with Lossless files, when I close my eyes I can clearly infer the ambiance of the recording! 

I jokingly emailed Frank (The person who sold me the Grado's at HiFi Centre, Vancouver) saying that these earphones should be called the Quad ESL 57's of the in ear headphone world! 

1 Comment:

I wouldn't necessarily say the soundstage is huge. Very airy, but not massive. Everything else, besides the moderately high price and the mediocre cable, I agree with.
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