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Grado GR10 In-ear Headphones

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #90 in Universal Fit


Pros: Lots of space, instrument separation, depth, huge sound stage, highs that are not piercing(does not hit the wall of comfortable listening, so small

Cons: None for me, life is way too short to grumble about the price. It is cheaper than competing brands!

I am lost for words for 2 reasons, 1st: These in ears behave much more like over ears headphones in all the good ways.

2nd: these deserve to be much more popular than they are, I am simply shocked that there is not much more renowned!

I currently own the Shure SE535's as well as Sennheiser IE8 and have used and owned many of the 500 and under earphones, such as Monster Turbine Copper Pro and Etimotics. all these earphones are very good and each of them has qualities that are admirable and impressive, however what the Grado GR10 has is something that I don't think could be measured and or described in words, all I can say is that regardless of specs these in ears make music! this sounds silly, but, really, you will no longer try to access the sound and look for how accurately the specs reflect what one hears, you simply will be so engrossed in the music, you will now be in the presence of the performer (artist).

Detail is amazing, even on an Iphone with Lossless files, when I close my eyes I can clearly infer the ambiance of the recording! 

I jokingly emailed Frank (The person who sold me the Grado's at HiFi Centre, Vancouver) saying that these earphones should be called the Quad ESL 57's of the in ear headphone world! 


Pros: They've managed to capture the Grado headphone sound with these little babies.

Cons: Isolation. The tips are kind of small "than they should be," at least for some people.

Gear used for testing: iPod Video 80gb (5th gen, Rockbox) + Fiio E17


Test tracks: "Survival" by Muse, "Take the Power Back" by Rage Against the Machine, "Finally Free" by Dream Theater, "Hessian Peel" by Opeth, "Sacred Worlds" by Blind Guardian


Sound quality and signature: Not transparent. Presentation is upfront. But the amazing thing here is how they've managed to reproduce the Grado headphone sound with these small earphones (the shells are just as big as pills, probably smaller). This piece of work is a minified Grado RS1i. Of course it's not as airy as the RS1i, because IEM.


On lows, mids, and highs: The bass punch is similar to that of the RS1i. The mids and highs are amazing as well. Compared to my Westone 4R and my friend's AKG K3003, the GR10 is significantly brighter-sounding.


Comfort, build quality: Great for fun listening. Not very fatiguing. The 'phones are small but the build looks sturdy. Maybe other people will find the tips too small and may not seal it for them.


Overall: If you liked the Grado RS1i, you will like these as well. Small, compact, punchy, and bright. Grado-sounding in all aspects.

Grado GR10 In-ear Headphones

proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design provides the listener with unsurpassed performance. Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort.

FeatureWide bandwidth moving armature design
List Price$399.00
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
TitleGrado GR10 In-ear Headphones
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