Google Nexus 5 16GB - Black - Unlocked Reviews


Google Nexus 5 Review by mark2410


Pros: Cheap. Reasonable sound quality. Nexus so well supported.

Cons: HP amp isn’t just quite there. No SD card slot. Meh battery life.

Full review here   Brief:  Erm, it’s a Nexus with a 5 inch screen.   Price:  £299 for 16GB or £339 for 32GB   Specification:  See here   Accessories:  Erm a charger and cable.  You can always find plenty of cases on eBay, be warned all official accessories are insanely expensive.   Build Quality:  Rather nice I think.  The thing is sealed so that help with rigidity I guess.  It all looks very neat and tidy.  The buttons feel nice and sold.  Can’t really fault it for anything.   Aesthetics:  ...
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