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A Review On: Goldring DR150 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones

Goldring DR150 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones

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Pros: comfortable, meaty bass, nice layering, nice vocal

Cons: Plastic plastic and plastic. Ops, and verlour and some metal frame.

A very good bang for the buck. Kind of jack of all trade headphone.


The bass is meaty, thick, with good details. It reach deep, punchy but could a little loose at time.


Mid is middle place: not as in your face as grado, but not that laid back either. Actually the mid (and vocal) is kind of interesting, it could sounded up-front when the vocal on the recording did, but when the vocal is laid-back, it will sounded laid back. A chameleon indeed!


Treble is kind of bright and peaky at first, but it goes away as it burned. No, I'm not dreaming or get used to the treble. I got a fully burned ATH SJ33, for comparison, when not burned in, the DR150 is brighter than the Sj33, but now, my SJ33 is brighter. See? I got other bright headphone for comparison.


Detail is very good, lot of micro-detail and nuances which not present from SJ33, but DR150 is revealing them all. Quite revealing, junk music record will sounded like junk, and vice-versa. All the details revealed make DR150 sounded rich and warm, compared to SJ33 which sounded leaned and cleaned and brighter.


It's sounded warm compared to my SJ33, with warm lustful mid and vocals. Soundstage is not very wide but the dept is pretty good, at least compared to my SJ33 which although rather wide but very flat, almost no dept to it.


Much airy than my closed SJ33, which is understandable. Not as airy as MS1i, but with enough breath to it. And sounded more natural, my SJ33 sounded artificial and boxy compared to it.


My gripe is the construction: its all plastic, the only metal I can see is the mesh, I'm little afraid about the headband, as far as I can see the headband is all plastic!. The pad is velvet which very plus and comfortable. Much more comfortable than my SJ33. I just wish the clamping force could lessened further. My SJ33 is much lighter both in weight and clamp.


Before picking DR150 I was listened and comparing it to both Shure SH440 and Alessandro MS1i, and I think DR150 is win on term of soundstage, layering, bass, and warm voice, which I liked.

ps: I paid them about USD 80 after discount, it usually priced about USD 110 on my country.

edit: If you think the treble got harsh sometimes, or feeling the high rather plasticky, you should try open the cup, someone who is not very creative use a lot of plastic tape to hold the black cloth on the mesh. By 'lot' I means like let's-use-lots-of-plastic-tape-to-hold-the-cloth-so-its-practically-covered-in-plastic-tape. Just ripped all those plastic tape, and you will get less plasticky and weird harsh sound on the high.
You could access the bolts holding the cup from inside the pads. Don't bother to remove the pads, just press them gently to the side and you will see the bolts.


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