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Goldring DR150 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones Reviews


Great sound poor construction.


Pros: Comfortable, great sound for buck.

Cons: Poor quality

This will be a short review. Over all I Love the Goldring DR 150. It´s a pair of comfortable, good sounding headphones and relatively cheap. I used thees headphones every day for about 2 years and was never dissatisfied with them. But! they have one big minus I have to mention, they broke after 2 years, the left speaker broke off and hanged by the cord inside. So, good phones for 2 years.

Aftermarket cable improves it

The build is quite fragile and not feeling the joints as secure, sound wise, use some aftermarket cable will help, as the stock cable it just doesnt sound right

A Great Value Headphone


Pros: above average sound stage, pleasant signature, detachable cable, strong impact, velour pads

Cons: needs some power!

Sound The overall signature strikes me as balanced, however the mids are slightly forward, and it is slightly warm. The detail and sound stage on these headphones are well above their price range. The tone is not quite laid-back, nor is it aggressive, so you are still able to lively enjoy your music, while not being fatigued after long listening sessions. This headphone, while rated at 32ohms, does require a fair amount of juice to run at its fullest. It pairs very nicely with desktop tube amps, however it can still be run on portable players. Design The pads are velour, the cable is detachable, the backs are open, cups are circumaural, and the houses are pivoting. As a home...
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Golring, a forgotten gold


Pros: comfortable, meaty bass, nice layering, nice vocal

Cons: Plastic plastic and plastic. Ops, and verlour and some metal frame.

A very good bang for the buck. Kind of jack of all trade headphone.   The bass is meaty, thick, with good details. It reach deep, punchy but could a little loose at time.   Mid is middle place: not as in your face as grado, but not that laid back either. Actually the mid (and vocal) is kind of interesting, it could sounded up-front when the vocal on the recording did, but when the vocal is laid-back, it will sounded laid back. A chameleon indeed!   Treble is kind of bright and peaky at first, but it goes away as it burned. No, I'm not dreaming or get used to the treble. I got a fully burned ATH SJ33, for comparison, when not burned in, the DR150 is brighter than the...
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Goldring DR150


Pros: For the price amazing

Cons: None

I've had DR100's for years now and I bought an ASUS Essence ST Sound Card for my PC, which is HI-FI quality and thought I'd get better phones. So I trawled around the online sites here in the UK and wondered if Goldring still made them and lo and behold they do and better than that I was able to get a pair of DR150's for £30 ($47) delivered. These were over a £100 years ago when they first came out and they had good reviews then but I couldn't afford them. My god they are brilliant, they are as good as the Sennheiser HD414's that I used to have when I was younger. There is no sibilance, they are as clear as a bell, not the deepest bass ever but accurate. Maybe they are as...
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Head-fier 86

Best Budget Phones Ever!

Hi there. I'm a new member of this site and I want to share my thoughts regarding the Goldring DR-150 headphone. I bought the headphone for $116 and I can say that it is worth every penny. The headphone has a very refined sound, clear mids and highs and has a rather punchy bass which is good for pop and instrumental music. The only problem I see with it is that it is sort of fragile but I know this won't be a problem for careful audiophiles out there. These aside, I highly recommend buying it.
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