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More than does the job.

A Review On: German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphone

German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphone

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Pros: tight solid bass, nice mids and highs, can't find any flaws right now sound wise.

Cons: Looks maybe. But it looks good on me.



Sturdiest pair of headphones I have ever bought. You would be hard pressed to find a better build despite its mostly plastic parts. They may look cheap at a glance but in person they do not. Very well planned build. 

Also for those who like high listening volumes you can expect them not to fry easily. 




These do clamp decently but I actually prefer that so this part is subjective just as well as all others. The pads are soft but not deep. I do not have a trustworthy perspective here because I find most headphones comfortable. They are not heavy and I do find them a little more comfortable than the he-400. Ears get a little warm. With a lot of movement these will not fall off the head or slip in anyway.

If you got the velour pads from the german site it would bump the comfort up to an 8.5. The cups envelope the ears. The headband is simple and not the best either.



Bass 7.5/10

The bass reaches really low and is tight. Quantity can be a tad more for my preference but is sufficient


Mids 8/10 The mids are clear and strong. The mids are def not what I would call recessed here. Not as transparent as a momentum, but clear none the less. 


Highs 8/10 Not sibiliant in most cases. 


I am a little bit baffled with the combination of bass mids and highs here. I am impressed to say the least. 


The instruments are distinguishable and easy to tell apart.



These don't need an amp to get pretty loud but responded to my budget fiio e11 nicely. I was nervous about using the fiio e11 on it because it tends to darken the sound but they did fine. They did not distort at high volumes and easily become an engaging listen. 


Genres: For some reason I can't imagine a genre that these would mess up. It seems like they are colored but everything is somewhat even sounding. The lows, the mids and the highs don't seem to take away from each other. I don't understand how these headphones do this but it does. 




While my wife is vacuuming i cannot hear a thing. Also while she is sleeping she cannot hear a thing. Well maybe a little but not enough to matter at all. This is at high volumes and she is able to sleep. Other headphones were not even close to this.  I was surprised and believe that only in ears can do better than these in this regards. Very minimal leakage and great isolation. If you are into recording and like to feel the music while recording but don't want it bleeding into the mic to mess with recording GET THESE FOR SURE!!!!!! better than the dt770 for recording for sure.


I have always had to be cautious of recording with the headphones loud because of leakage and not with these. 



Basically If I were to design a headphone in this price range to fit my listening preferences I would just add a bit more taming in the sound. I would also make it a little more minimalistic and modern in the looks department. BUT since I can't design headphones then these will be the clear, near perfect winner. 


These headphones make an engaging and accurate listen perfect 


The aiaiai tma1 is similar to this headphone in the way that it makes it like a headphone without many parts and simple in design. But the sound of these IMHO is superior and no way would I trade these for the tma1. These sound like almost everything I wished the COPS to be - Solid bass, strong mids and clear highs without much sibilance. It is the more high fidelity listen of headphones in competition and the sturdier built can. 


Great review. Glad you like them and welcome to the club :)
right on! just trying to find earpads for them. to let them breathe a little and look cool lol.
Good stuff! Your quote "While my wife is vacuuming i cannot hear a thing.", put them straight up on my "must listen to before I buy my next pair" list...
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