Best Neutral Sounding Closed HP ever

A Review On: German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphone

German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphone

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Pros: Literally everything about it.

Cons: For a comfortable use you have to get used to it but then it is wonderful.

Don't forget that also when you purchase them from German MAESTRO online shop, you can get a 'free' cable or jack modification done by German MAESTRO itself.


Best money ever spent in my whole life. For the ones who wants neutral sound and closed acoustic, you can not get better than these HPs. Also I assure you, these headphones would survive judgment day. Buy it and your grandson will use it years and years later. Now they become signature of me, wherever I go, they are with me.


Ps: I will improve this review but nowadays I am incredibly busy with my master exams. In February I will try to give a more detailed review with the photos I will take.


What have you compared it to? How can you say "best neutral sounding closed headphone ever" if you've never heard an ATH-M50 or a DT1350 or other neutral, closed headphones? You can't say best of anything without giving comparisons.
the other ones I compared:
srh 840 (very very close to the gmp 8.35d)
hd 25s
dt770 80 ohms
as I said I couldn't write long since I dont have much time nowadays but I will edit it and try to give a better review a bit later. but still all questions are welcome I will try to anwerr asap.
about m50s, I think everybody knows that they are not actually monitor headphones, they are wonderful fun headphones but not flat sounding, they are so colorful for me. great for fun and for specific genres but not my taste. I didnt add it into the list cuz I tried them only like 30 mins from my friend.
What do you mean with cable or jack modification?
Can you get the cable removable?
I didn't ask for a removable cable mod, you have to contact them to learn it. But if you send them your cable (one sided) they can put it on the headphone. Also you can choose between straight or cailed cable with the length you want. You can choose the jack, too. Right angled or straight it is up to you, both of them comes with a 6.3mm adapter.