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German Maestro GMP 450 PRO Headphones

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Pros: Very comfortable ear pads, excellent clarity and definition

Cons: Soft grip on ears means that they could slip off while very active

The GMP 450 is the closed back cousin of the GMP 400, which has an open back design.


The sound is very similar to the open back GMP 400, but with a little more bass response and narrower soundstage.  Very impressive though for a closed back design.


Interestingly, I found that the GMP 450 requires a decent quality headphone amp (I had them hooked up to an Icon Audio HP8) to really make them sing, whereas the GMP 400 was more flexible about it's source.


The earcups are mounted on what German Maestro call a cardomatic suspension system.  The result is a feather soft grip around the ears that readjusts as you move and stays pretty secure (as long as your not really active).  The cardomatic suspension is really rather clever.


Handbuilt in Germany and coming with a 3 year warranty, the GMP 450 from German Maestro is a very impressive closed back headphone.




A class leading closed back headphone that is equally at home in the studio or at home.  Nicely made, very comfortable and sound that is both refined and balanced.  Highly recommended.

German Maestro GMP 450 PRO Headphones

The German Maestro GMP 450 PRO like its counterpart, the GMP 400, the GMP 450 Pro represents top-of-the-line headphone technology. But following specific needs of professional users in special environments, all the characteristics of the GMP 400 have been packed into an acoustically closed version. Thus this version is ideally suited for a variety of studio applications and production sessions, where outside noice shielding is required.

BrandGerman Maestro
FeatureCable is Roundcable 3 m
Height8.5 inches
Length4 inches
Weight1.1 pounds
Width7 inches
LabelGerman Maestro USA, INC.
List Price$349.99
ManufacturerGerman Maestro USA, INC.
ModelGMP 450 PRO
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
PublisherGerman Maestro USA, INC.
StudioGerman Maestro USA, INC.
TitleGerman Maestro GMP 450 PRO Headphones
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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