the mg6pro is awesome

A Review On: Future Sonics Ear Monitors with 13mm MG6pro Dynamic Drivers

Future Sonics Ear Monitors with 13mm MG6pro Dynamic Drivers

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Pros: smooth, natural, cohesive, incredible bass

Cons: possibly could be more detailed [see below]

I've had the mg6pro for 7 days now and I've been in sonic bliss ksc75smile.gif.
Kunlun's review, which led me to my decision to get them, is excellent (Very detailed and thoughtful).
re: the possible con (for me): i might possibly like a bit more balanced-armature type detail but not the artificial-sounding detail i hear with my Westone 4.
Of note, their client services is very responsive, kind, and helpful!


How are they sounding now? When I bought their universal model they sounded nice right out of the box but many owners told me many times they take a long time to burn in. After a week or so the sound changed and there was an improvement in the meds and highs while not losing any of that warm pounding sub bass. i can only imagine how the custom model will sound.
Hi, they've had well over 100 hours of play time so far, and the sound, to me, has changed a lot (much improved). Across the frequency spectrum, the sound is much tighter and more detailed. Also, the bass is much better, with just as much weight, but better texture, definition, and extension. At this point, I'm finding my universal IEMs to be much less enjoyable than they used to be because of the comparison to the mg6pro. I just ordered the Ray Samuels Audio SR-71B, and I plan to get a balanced cable. At some point, I want to get the Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo, because, when I get the RSA SR-71B, the input will be from my Sansa Clip.
Great, I have been using a Cowon which does have some power and After I receive my custom FS I will be looking for a portable amp. I tend to walk to and fro work each day over 1.5 hrs and also stand in a train for another 30 mins so it has to fit my pocket.
I eq my player for more bass
are you also using the largest vents?
As of now I am not. I left it on the medium size until I brake them in. How does the bigger vent change the sound? is there a big difference? On my Cowon I boost the bass on the EQ on everything I play. I like to hear and feel the bass drum pound in the songs. One thing I keep thinking is I would like to have a Silicon tip or if a silicon shell would help. I am so used to using foamy tips which helps the seal and so easy to insert.
what types of music do you listen to?
RE: your thought about the silicon tip, I also tend to think that this could potential make it easier to get the perfect fit and seal. Westones have hard acrylic for the shell and silicone or some silicone-type material for the nozzle. Aurisonics, a new dynamic driver CIEM company, supposedly has this rubber ring near the tip of the nozzle. From what I've read, though, soft silicone tips aren't necessarily better regarding optimizing sound quality.
RE: what kind of music i listen to: I listen to orchestral trailer music (like what movies are set to). That's why I like my IEM to be very dynamic, lively, engaging, spacious, and be able to render the entire frequency range with finesse and power. what kind of music do you listen to?
Yeah I am not sure either but I tried the ACS earphones custom made in England and they were made of soft Silicon and I enjoyed them even thought they were not made for me. My use of foamy tips have been awesome. I use my Atrios and Shures and UE with foamy tips while I practice my basketball.
i use a universal IEM to work out (currently the Brookstone Clear Dual Drives, which are supposed to sound 90% as good as the Radius DDM2), I use Monster's Foam Supertips, which stay in well. I used to use Comply but they break too easily. Monster's are much higher quality.I don't know how many people use custom IEMs when they exercise, maybe they aren't meant for high-movement activities.