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A Review On: Future Sonics Ear Monitors with 13mm MG6pro Dynamic Drivers

Future Sonics Ear Monitors with 13mm MG6pro Dynamic Drivers

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Pros: Real Sound, Comfort fit, Instant Results

Cons: None

Hi everyone, here's my first (brief) review of the MG6 Pro In-ears by Future Sonics..


First, i'd like to note that Mr. Marty Garcia (CEO FutureSonics) is a complete gentleman, he took time to answer ALL my questions on phone and emails too! That's rare and heart warming.. - a far cry from Sensaphonics where i encountered a completely rude rep, and Ultimate ears that won't answer or reply any calls!


It took less than two weeks to get my custom IEM, everyone i called and spoke with at FutureSonics were polite and helpful; i was surprised at how quick i got my order.


Ok, now to the technical stuff and results; My Custom In-Ears were a perfect fit, i also had custom earplugs made and those fit perfectly too.


The first test on the Custom MG6 Pro was with my iPhone 4,

'listened to "4 Seasons of Loneliness" from Boyz II Men; I noticed an INSTANT difference and improvement from EVERYTHING i had ever had or used. -Trust me, as a drummer; i've tried a lot - from the Heavy heat-and sweat-inducing VicFirth headphones, to Bose Noise cancelling QC15 (quite good.. and light too!), and all sorts of earbuds.. but nothing comes close to the MG6pro! The bass was deep and CLEAR, everything from vocals to hi-hat was solid and neat. No "coloring".


Next was the REAL test; i got into my drum room/studio and decided to test them for a minute.. well, i didn't stop until 12minutes later! The isolation was just perfect for me, even in an enclosed space.. Then i tried it with my play alongs and backing tracks, EVERYTHING - including my drums (Mic'd) came out crystal clear and neat!


In my own opinion, these are the best you could ever get.. and talking about In-Ears; I'm glad i chose Future Sonics, the drivers are actually REAL SPEAKERS, you feel the air, and thus the real vibrations you'd get from low frequencies. -as opposed to other IEMs that uses Armatures; armatures are supposed to be used for hearing aids, thats what they're REALLY for, and that's why they have "twelve-driver per ear" IEMs trying to create the "ideal" sound.. oh, well, i guess the choice is for everyone to make.. This is just my own take on Armatures Vs. Dynamic -real- Speakers.




Here are my pictures.. for now












* I'll be posting more pictures shortly..


Awesome, glad you're loving your Future Sonics customs! Looking forward to the pictures!
Thanks, "Master" Kunlun, your review of the MG6pro was simply perfect.. I'm glad i made the right decision!
- hey man, could you expand more on the isolation of these customs? how does it fare in the tube or out on the streets with the different sized LFVs?
thanks in advance!
They (MG6 Pro) isolate just fine.. I'm a professional drummer and i absolutely love the vents that came with my set; perfect isolation level for every venue. I've also used them on trains and various ambient/noise conditions, they've just been perfect for me.
Good thing about them is that you can change the LFV's to isolate less or more. Highly recommended product.
**sorry for the late response.