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Frogbeats C4

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Neutral = Analytical?
sweden, neutral means equal amount of bass, mid, and treble, with nothing being over emphasized. analytical, usually people means that its treble elevated, bright overall presentation...
Thanks 23t23ds for the review. However I feel the statement "Build times are fairly long, and emails take a while to be replied to." could use some clarification. Based on my experience build times are VERY LONG. It's been over 8 weeks since Frogbeats received my impressions and still no word on when they will be shipped. Also it may take multiple emails and weeks wait to get a response, and then any build time mentioned won't be accurate. There are others on this forum who are also waiting like I am, one wonders about the viability of Frogbeats. I think people should know what they're getting themselves into if the choose to order from Frogbeats.
23t23dS, Omphalopsychite, thanks for your comments on this. Criticism like this is appreciated because we want to work on making the system better. I apologise for the problems you've encountered whilst you were waiting for your CIEMs. I'd like to direct you here, hopefully it will explain certain things:
Thanks for coming out with this David, it really does go a long way in explaining things!
Thanks David for the announcement and your response here. As 23t23dS said it goes a long way in explaining things.
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