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Frogbeats C4


Pros: Crazy Soundstage and image, very impactful bass

Cons: Long lead time

Very great soundstage and imaging and have a quite neutral sounding to my ears. It has the most impactful and focused bass among my IEMs

Frogbeats C4

Frogbeats C4 The C4 is a completely different monster from the C3 and C5. A perfectly balanced and neutral sound being deliver from them. It was primarily designed for those seeking an absolute flat response, for stage artists and audio engineers, or those audio enthusiasts that love a completely neutral sound. Each C4 comes with it's own carry case, cleaning tool and warranty card. For the C4, accuracy is key.

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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › In-Ear › Custom › Frogbeats C4