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Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones Reviews

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Th-600 is a winner


Pros: Comfort, great bass, even better treble, electronic master

Cons: cable is a bit too long

If you can get the th-600 for it's street price of less then $900 you did well. You give up some of the d7k fun for allot of th-600 refinement. Mids are faster and not as recessed as d7k. Bass hits a little less hard than the d7k, but the bass is cleaner and more controlled. The treble is less peaky and harsh than the d7k. If you liked the d7k back in the day then you will love the th-600 today. Are they worth the $1299 retail, no. But like the d7k there are lots of street price deals, some below $800 now. The review I'm giving is based off the $850 deal I got off PJ back in late july/ early august.

A spacious, exciting closed headphone


Pros: Detailed highs; deep, clean bass; light, comfortable fit; braided cable

Cons: Thin midrange; non-removable cable; little sound isolation

Equipment   Spotify Premium Firestone Audio Fubar 2 DAC Firestone Audio Cute Battery 2 amp   Build and comfort   I upgraded to these from Audio-Technica ATH-M50s. I very much like the sound of the M50, but found that their weight made them uncomfortable to wear for very long sessions (i.e. all day at the workplace), so most of the time I would use a pair of Panasonic RP-HTX7 because they're light and very comfy, despite being sonically inferior.   The TH-600 has very good build quality. The cups are large, understated, and have nice texture. The size adjustment mechanism gives a very satisfying click. The pads are light and soft and seem to resist oil nicely....
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A Solid high end entry by Fostex - but not without its problems


Pros: Soundstaging size, instrument seperation, openess, sub bass rumble, comfort

Cons: sharp and somewhat harsh treble, somewhat receeded mid range

Introduction   As this is my first review on headfi I think I'll give a little background information before getting into the review. Before getting the TH600 I had experienced the HE400, HD600, DT880 and D2000 and was ready to make the next step up in the headphone world. I purchased these secondhand for roughly $750 overall, they go for about a grand here in Australia. As far as my sound preferences go, I can find something to like in most headphones I've tried and I've been able to identify their weaknesses for me personally. The TH600 has been with me for 3 weeks of constant listening.   Packaging, build quality, Isolation/leak and comfort   When you get the...
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Black Monster!


Pros: Great Detail, Epic Bass, Not Harsh, Pretty Neutral, Very Exciting

Cons: Non-removeable cable, a bit expensive.... that's about it

I just posted this review on my blog, which also has a review of the TH-900s   Disclaimer: A big thank you to SCV London for loaning me the TH600 for this review. When I reviewed the high-end Fostex TH-900 last December I compared it to the discontinued Denon flagship because it came from the same 'Foster Electronics' design (despite being about half the price). The TH600 also borrows the same design, but brings a sleek and modern looking matte black metal look to the cups. This matches the rest of the frame nicely and this new model is priced much more closely to the old Denon Flagship (which had a £900 RRP).  The box of...
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Reference quality sound in a dry and airy package


Pros: Detail level, excellent sub bass, large soundstage for a closed headphone, great treble, impressive layering and separation

Cons: Slightly recessed and/or dry mid-range, can lack emotion

                      FOSTEX TH-600 – initial impressions I came upon these headphones almost by accident recently – after writing up a review on my most recent trade acquisition (the Final Audio Sonorous/Pandora Hope IV), I spotted someone on one of the forums looking for a set and having the TH-600 to offer in trade. Being a newcomer to the world of mid-range cans and never having heard the TH-series (or any Fostex headphone, in fact), I was intrigued to see what the sound would be like compared to the Final Audios and my beloved AQ Nighthawks. Needless to say, I was quite impressed… About me: newly minted audiophile,...
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