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A Review On: Fostex TH 900

Fostex TH 900

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Pros: Excellent allrounder with no glaring weakness

Cons: Wish the cable was detachable

Just a overview of my observations:


Absolutely my favorite headphone so far:



Eu-phonic headphone - music is so enjoyable - beautiful is the word that often comes to mind

Great quality and quantity of bass

Very nice extended treble - no sibilance problems

Enjoyable mids I have enjoyed the overall presentation so far

Nice sound stage - for a closed headphone

Beautiful build - design

high quality cable

Price I paid in Australian dollars above for the incredible workmanship that went into making this headphone

Very scalable - sounds great amazingly from a 200.00 sound card



Mids - can seem a little recessed on some amps and with some sources

No detachable cable

Sound Isolation is not very good for closed headphone my Edition 8 is far better.

Some headfiers have reported build quality issues with the screws securing the headband

Some people are paying 800.00 more than what I paid - seems less value at that price


$1,495? Mind sharing the love? ^_^
You will hear much much better sound from any external DAC
Hi huberd can you elaborate what you mean? As you can apply that statement to just about any headphone that has a dedicated DAC & a dedicated headphone amplifier.
I used to have a internal PCI sound card because I thought it would be better than a USB DAC. I was completely blown away how much better a USB external sound card can sound. I have several freinds who experianced the same. 
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