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A Review On: Fostex TH 900

Fostex TH 900

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Pros: Excellent allrounder with no glaring weakness

Cons: Wish the cable was detachable

Just a overview of my observations:


Absolutely my favorite headphone so far:



Eu-phonic headphone - music is so enjoyable - beautiful is the word that often comes to mind

Great quality and quantity of bass

Very nice extended treble - no sibilance problems

Enjoyable mids I have enjoyed the overall presentation so far

Nice sound stage - for a closed headphone

Beautiful build - design

high quality cable

Price I paid in Australian dollars above for the incredible workmanship that went into making this headphone

Very scalable - sounds great amazingly from a 200.00 sound card



Mids - can seem a little recessed on some amps and with some sources

No detachable cable

Sound Isolation is not very good for closed headphone my Edition 8 is far better.

Some headfiers have reported build quality issues with the screws securing the headband

Some people are paying 800.00 more than what I paid - seems less value at that price

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$1,495? Mind sharing the love? ^_^
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