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Fostex TH 900 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Bass - With Balance


Pros: Amazing frequency balance, Supreme bass body without being bloated, Looks pretty as hell!

Cons: Expensive!... Awkwardly placed Y splitter on the cable

  Here are my thoughts on the TH900, posted on my blog Disclaimer: A big thank you to SCV London for loaning me the TH900 for this review!  This flagship model is the first high-end headphone from Fostex and retails for £1499. The first thing to wow you about this headphone is the pretty pretty red paint job. This is Urushi lacquer and this photo simply doesn't do it justice! Finishing off the bold looks is the Fostex logo - in platinum. This sample has a few marks, but even the wear looks sexy on these things - like a used leather jacket. Underneath all this the cups are made from a special hard-wood to help acoustic ...
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Negative Reviews


Sub-Optimal for all kinds of music due to lack of mids despite beautiful imaging.


Pros: Dimensionality, Detail, Openness, Decay, Seductiveness, Urushi-e Coating

Cons: Really, really Recessed mids.

Mids are recessed with this one, oh boy they are. Where the Fostex convinced me was musicality, drive/spirit, and fine detail as well as a nice dimensionality. But - the mids were underemphasized in addition to the overblown bass response, a pity, because the TH900 could have been great.   YMMV, but to my ears, the Fostex felt rather helpless with music were mids are important. That is a lot of music.   Comparison with Beyerdynamic T51i   I A/Bed them with my 200 USD Beyers T51i on-ears and the Beyers shone with Jazz and Classic. Mind you, the T51i is a entry level, ultra-portable headphone from their life-style /studio line. With the Beyers Voices, Guitars, Violins,...
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More Reviews


TH900 review


Pros: Comfortable to wear, very open-sounding for a closed headphone, bass!

Cons: Lack of neutrality & extreme dynamic range; unfocused-sounding

Review: Fostex TH900   originally published on November 25, 2013 revised & re-published on December 29, 2013   - download a printable 10-page PDF version of this review (target goes to a location on my Dropbox)   (click for larger photo)   Intro   I first heard the Fostex TH900 at CanJam@RMAF 2012 in October, which was a costly mistake.  It was one of the most promising headphone auditions that I've ever had at an audio show, enough that I was persuaded to impulse-buy my own pair on Black Friday 2012 when they were being discounted by Moon Audio. I no longer own the TH900 though and sold them earlier this year in August for personal...
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Pros: Excellent allrounder with no glaring weakness

Cons: Wish the cable was detachable

Just a overview of my observations:   Absolutely my favorite headphone so far:   Strengths: Eu-phonic headphone - music is so enjoyable - beautiful is the word that often comes to mind Great quality and quantity of bass Very nice extended treble - no sibilance problems Enjoyable mids I have enjoyed the overall presentation so far Nice sound stage - for a closed headphone Beautiful build - design high quality cable Price I paid in Australian dollars above for the incredible workmanship that went into making this headphone Very scalable - sounds great amazingly from a 200.00 sound card   Weaknesses Mids - can seem a little recessed on some...
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Lovely Looks & Sonics


Pros: Musical & Enjoyable; Lovely to hold and behold

Cons: Construction seems to have weaknesses; Expensive for some

I have always enjoyed Denon headphones. They were one of the first I came across when I started listening to full-sized cans. They were lovely and had a very pleasing sonic signature. Then, one day, we all heard that the current beloved Denon series would be discontinued and replaced. That was the first time I heard that Denon did not produce their own headphones but that they were done for them by Fostex.   Then news slowly emerged that Fostex was producing a much better version of the previous top of the line Denon D7000. When photos first came across, we were all stunned by how stunning the new Fostex TH900 looked: the lovely urushi poison ivy lacquer. Everyone in Singapore was...
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Excellent details retrieval with emphasis onto mid-body trebles. One of those sophisticated Dynamic technologies


Pros: Details, details everywhere! Excellent for portables

Cons: Picky at sources, no detachable cables.

Since some people don't think ZX2 can drive the full-sized headphones ? I am on another hand that is keep on seeking out good headphones for Zx2, and ofcourse keeping it under a rule of thumb, low impedance, and higher Db/mw. I have found MDR-z7, MDR-sa3000/5000....and lately, please welcome my gentle eyes candy Fostex TH-900. Today I would like to give some of my own impressions and share to you all. Conclusion: superb and accurately bass tonality and presentations, source picky can sound fairly flat with powerful and low impedance out on portable gears, can be bass weak , harsher trebles, and low volume on weak portable gears such as iPad iPhone....yeah, eventhough it was very...
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Best Closed Back Headphone I ever owned.


Pros: Great sound quality, easy to drive than many other flagships, extremely well glare surface with unique painting and not easy to get scratch.

Cons: Mid tend to be a little bit recessed due to its U shape signature. It needs suitable amps to control and bring up its beautiful mid.

I have owned this headphone for 2 years and it never disappointed me. The sound quality is no need to discuss as its sound signature has been discussed multiple times in TH900 thread.    This beauty is really a beast, use proper amps with good ability to control (bass and mid), the TH900 truly sings. The first time I received it I can feel the sounds were great enough (I was using V200 or C4 to drive it). However, the bass was too strong and the treble was tend to be fatiguing. after 2 months break-in, the TH900 sounds more charming and the fatiguing treble got improved. But the bass still too strong to my taste and mid are a bit recessed.   I figured out it was my...
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My impressions of the Foxtex TH-900


Pros: Bass, Comfort, Looks, Bass

Cons: Price,

Let me start off by saying that I purchased my TH-900s from an authorized dealer for $1,300 brand new (which I still feel is a bit above their true value) about one month ago.  I have owned (and sold) several pairs of D7000s already, so after reading many reviews claiming the TH900 to be an upgrade over the D7Ks in pretty much every way I decided to buy a pair.  My first impression was that they sounded very similar, but there are actually some serious differences.  It's worth noting that I went into this situation with a bit of bias.  I really, really expected to love the Th-900s.   These are without a doubt the nicest looking pair of headphones (well,...
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Combining both closed and open features and packs it into these beautiful cups.


Pros: Nice Bass and Great highs with big soundstage, great imaging and great Comfort

Cons: may run into some problems with amps that require higher impedance

Best looking closed headphone on the market that acts just like a open headphone but brings the advantages of a closed headphone such as detail and imaging... It is combining both worlds and packs it in this beautiful cup.   In my opinion the mids are not recessed or the highs to peaky. With a warm sounding amp such as Wa7 or marantz dac1 or the bakoon amps this sounds balanced out and very lively ...   You get a stand which is nice but a hard carrying case would have been really nice like the audeze ones instead of a soft pouch 

Lively, but lacking in


Pros: U-shaped signature is good for techno, mids are great, comfort, and plenty of reasonably tight bass, soundstage width is tremendous

Cons: Price, really hard to pair properly, the closed-back design holds them back, imaging is only okay, the far ends of the soudnstage are a bit distorted

First, the normal boilerplate stuff -   Audio setup -     FLAC files in Media Monkey -> Amazon Basics TOSLINK cable -> Schiit Bifrost w/Uber upgrade -> Knukoncept Shielded RCAs -> Project Ember with  new Tesla ECC802S Music -     Nabucco, Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Chorus conducted by Lamberto Gardelli, 1965     Why So Serious, Hans Zimmer, the Dark Knight OST   First, let me preface my review with a couple of facts. First of all, I got these at about 40% under MSRP, and at 20% under the best sales prices that are floating around right now, but they are really quite expensive normally. I kept...
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